Elliott Wave International (EWI) publishes financial reports and is the world’s largest market forecasting firm. They were in the market for a new CMS platform to replace their homegrown system. While in the decision-making process EWI went through a strategic workshop called the Marketing Technology Alignment (MTA) with Arke. The MTA helped EWI work through how Sitecore could help them meet their goals strategically with both the marketing and IT teams in the room. 


After much consideration EWI was sure Sitecore was the platform they wanted to implement but the MTA helped solidify their decision. EWI has been able to lean on the Sitecore infrastructure and they can see being able to leverage for template sharing across multiple sites. This would cut time in loading content across various sites. With multiple domains living on other systems that still need to be moved onto Sitecore, EWI will continue to work with Arke for guidance and strategy.

  • Industries: Other
  • Strategies: CMS, Marketing Technology Alignment