We Understand What Marketers Are Thinking

How Do We Make the Most of Our Budget?

Over the next 5 years, pureplay internet use is expected to increase by 13.2%. Pureplay mobile is expected to increase by 545%.(Source: Borrell Associates)
54.0% of digital marketing budgets surveyed are spent on web presence.
(Source: Borrell Associates)
40% of marketing budgets today are wasted. 
(Source: Ad Age)

How Do We Make the Most of Our Tools?

MARKETERS believe new marketing technologies are critical to overall marketing group performance & effectiveness.
Yet, more than half of companies don’t have formal martech strategies in place.
Only 16% say their martech strategies are well aligned with their business strategy.

How Can We Improve Your Processes?

Fast Responses Improves Contact Rates

  • B2B companies spend between $30-$200+ per sales lead
  • Odds are high of making contact in first 5 minutes following lead submission
  • Odds drop by 3000x if call is made 5 hours after lead submission
(Source: Forbes)

How Can We Continuously Improve?

Companies will focus on integrating insights across departmental silos and build holistic value propositions. (Source: Forbes)
Access to and ability to act on real-time customer data will differentiate companies.
Marketing personalization will be key to acquiring customers.