We have a client that is going through a full CMS conversion to Sitecore and they currently have some content up.  The conversion project is scheduled to happen over several years based on a prioritization of properties. They decided to use the CMS Anywhere product so they could access and manipulate all the content across all their web properties even though the conversion hasn’t fully completed.

In a nutshell, CMS Anywhere extends their Sitecore investment by enlisting all of their web properties (including those not hosted by Sitecore) into a federation of sites. With CMS Anywhere, they can gather analytics, manage content, and personalize experiences across their entire web presence. Their site becomes a 360 degree periscope into all of a visitor’s engagement with their brand.

Strategy Plus Technology

At the end of this project they are going to have a set of legacy sites (old ASP) that have been made new again with the utilization of Sitecore and CMS Anywhere.  Even though the sites are old, they now have fresh design and content, the ability to personalize the experience, AB testing and analytics.

Stay tuned for the full case study and client details when the project completes in the next few weeks.