If you’re interested in Sitecore development, Arke has you covered. Today we’re sharing insights from two of our certified Sitecore developers and consultants, Amy Winburn and Eric Stafford.

The Curse of Bad Data

Amy Winburn

Amy Winburn

Atlanta-based Winburn is a back-end web developer with a focus on Sitecore implementation. “I’m learning more about Sitecore every day,” she said.

In her latest blog post, she discusses how bad data can blow up a component — and also offers ways to address the problem.

“Sometimes bad data can sneak into the smallest of things and wreak havoc on a site bringing up a dreaded error page (hopefully captured and prettified). We’re going to cover two examples of sneaky bad data blowing up a component and how we can address the problem.

“The scenario here revolves around an invalid datasource and a component making use of Glass – this bad data can come about from a publishing issue (such as publishing the page which references a datasource that hasn’t been published or wasn’t in the final workflow step to allow publishing), or some other kind of issue (an invalid item ID, a deleted item still being referenced etc).”

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Sitecore Tool Time

Eric Stafford

Eric Stafford

Massillon, Ohio-based Stafford has been architecting and developing web sites for 11 years and working with Sitecore since 2006. He is a dedicated blogger in the Sitecore community and a frequent speaker at Sitecore user groups in the Cleveland area.

Most recently, Stafford shared his knowledge on Sitecore utilities and other tools in a two-part series. ” I find it fun understanding how various pieces of Sitecore works,” he said.

“Learn everything you can about Sitecore, front and back, inside and out. While you’re doing that, you should also get familiar with the basics like Sitecore’s Utilities. You don’t have to use the code the Sitecore devs worked hard creating for us. But without knowing Sitecore’s most basic functionality, you could be missing out on learning something new and possibly cool.

“I’ll show you three approaches that try to accomplish the basic task of making a friendly Sitecore item name. I’ll cover two Sitecore Utility methods along with our trusty pal, Regex.”

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