LAS VEGAS — Arke VP of Strategy Margaret Wise will explain how to leverage marketing technology for better brand experience at the Winning Is Everything conference here this week.

Now in its 16th year, the conference is produced annually by The Advisory Board, a Solon, an Ohio-based think tank focused on CPA firm practice management. The three-day conference kicks off Wednesday at the Venetian Las Vegas.

Understanding Marketing Technology

Wise will speak Thursday about the imperative of using marketing technology (MarTech) to deliver the competitive brand experiences to clients.

“Marketing technologies are influencing all customer experiences, including business-to-business interactions. To remain competitive against rising client expectations, CPA firms have to understand the full client experience, from awareness to advocacy,” Wise said.

Her session will explore how professional services firms can measure their marketing technology maturity. It will also explain how firms can create a framework for the customer journey and use their MarTech investments to create more personalized client experiences.

Wise will share advice on the latest marking technologies as well as provide strategies to help firms get the most from their existing technology investments.

Start With Strategy

Arke helps companies accelerate change to keep pace with the ever-evolving tech landscape. The company approaches MarTech from a strategic perspective, starting with the end in mind.

“We ask our clients to focus on the business problems they hope to solve. Once the objectives are clear we help them develop a strategic plan to drive desired actions,” Wise said.

“Then and only then can we determine the best ways to use and integrate digital technologies.”

By aligning MarTech investments to business goals, clients have better opportunities to deliver holistic brand experiences. A strategic plan helps turn disparate technologies into an integrated system that drives revenue, makes the best use of your marketing investments, and improves experiences for both customers and employees, Wise said.

It provides the best return on your MarTech investments and helps businesses make sense of the growing numbers of marketing technologies.

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