ATLANTA — Customers have “outrageous expectations” of the experiences they want your business to provide — and addressing them is the only way to sustain a competitive edge.

Arke VP of Strategy Margaret Wise told attendees at the company’s third annual Customer Experience (CX) Summit at the Buckhead Club here today that a sliver of customer-centric companies have raised the bar for all businesses.

Every time a consumer has an amazing digital experience, it resets expectations. Unless a company has successfully embraced digital customer experience, then it will likely lose business to competitors.

It also forces businesses to think carefully about customer experience and the customer journeys they offer, she said.

Customers now have clear expectations of how they expect businesses to treat them and what those businesses should know about them.

“Every customer has a different level of expectation.  That makes it incredibly challenging, especially when the bar is set so high,” Wise said.

‘Leading the Experience’ at Arke CX Summit

Arke CX Summit 2018 agendaArke CX Summit is an exclusive, invitation-only event for clients and partners.  Arke executives plan the daylong forum to educate and inspire customer experience professionals.

Wise and Chris Spears, Arke co-founder and CMTO, kicked off the event with targeted facilitated workshops. The event will continue with an afternoon of presentations from informative speakers and end with a networking happy hour.

“All the things we do really do start with understanding our customers, their experiences, and how we can help make those experiences better and better,” Wise told more than 100 attendees.

Adapting to Expectations and Digital Disruption

Wise cited Domino’s Pizza, one of her favorite examples of a company that has delivered on a brand promise and adapted to the disruption of digital technologies.

She said digital natives love Domino’s, especially the company’s online pizza-tracker that came out in 2008. The pizza tracker shows you the exact location of your pizza.

“Digital natives love that because they want to know where everything is at all times — from their pizza to their Uber vehicle to the products they ordered from Amazon. With all they do, they want complete transparency. Domino’s understands that. It’s made itself relevant to a whole new generation of pizza lovers by reinventing itself with digital technologies,” she said.

Since launching a mobile app in 2009, Domino’s has stated in the forefront of digital opportunities.

Now it calls itself it an AI-first business because it has a number of innovations geared around artificial intelligence technology. For example, it has voice-based ordering technology, similar to Apple’s Siri. It’s also collaborating with Ford on driverless car pizza delivery.

Expectations Are Climbing

Wise said customer expectations are rising because of companies like Domino’s, which are investing massive amounts of money in state-of-the-art experiences.

If Domino’s can give customers seamless digital experience with a $20 pizza order, “you better believe customers will expect it in other businesses environments, especially for higher priced products and services,” Wise said.

Wise said business need to assess the ease with which customers can do business with them. “What’s the mental effort involved? What’s the physical effort? Emotional effort?

“It’s not just what is your customer or your prospect doing when they go into the awareness phase. It’s also important to consider ‘what’s their mindset?'” she continued.

For More Information

If you want more information about leading the experience with the right strategies and digital technologies, email Chris Spears or Margaret Wise.

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