After years of misplaced reverence for technology, marketers are embracing a more human-focused paradigm. We’re increasingly viewing people as our priority. And we’re accurately demoting tech from a silver bullet to an enabler of speed, convenience, and better brand experience.

Karen Katz, who retired in February as President and CEO of Neiman Marcus Group, put it in perspective at the NFR Big Show earlier this year.

“Great customer experience in 2018 will come from blending technology with a more personalized touch,” Katz said. People who “combine technology-powered personalization with a human [focus] will be the winners.”

Prioritize People

As a marketing technologist, I couldn’t agree more. People are the heart of every digital transformation. Their wants and needs should drive every corporate technology decision.

But too often, organizations make technology the priority — obscuring the real purpose and potential value of their investments. And that’s a shame. It’s wasteful and counterproductive.

No business should invest in technology until it clearly understands how it will affect its customers, its employees, and all of its other stakeholders.

The key question: Whom does it serve?

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