Every annual Sitecore Symposium breathes new enthusiasm into our journey with Sitecore, and this year was no exception.  

For marketers and tech folks alike, Sitecore gave us a lot to chew on, with four exciting announcements: the acquisition of Stylelabs, JSS, Cortex and the Sitecore Salesforce partnership. 

Each of these subjects is major. But I’d like to start with the news that strikes me as truly transformational. 

Content Management Takes a Leap Forward – in Style! 

At the opening keynote, Sitecore C.E.O. Mark Frost announced a definitive agreement to acquire Stylelabs. 

At first, this may seem a bit anti-climactic … many people (including myself) immediately reacted with “Sitecore finally got a DAM” (Digital Asset Manager). It’s been widely anticipated and much needed. But a deeper dive reveals just how transformational this move really is.

First, and possibly most critical, is the amazing talent embodied in Stylelabs. Tim and Tom, as their founders are known, have built an amazing product, one that is clearly the result of sustained effort by a talented team. It’s what Sitecore would have built themselves, and more. The innovative thinking that envisioned this platform is a perfect fit for the Sitecore culture.

The technology itself fits well with Sitecore, closing gaps and fortifying capabilities. Looking at the product, it quickly becomes clear that calling Stylelabs just a DAM would be a DAM’d shame.

Calling Sylelabs just a DAM would be a DAM’d shame

Sure, Stylelabs is a DAM, and a great one. But it also has stellar chops as a PIM (Product Information Manager) and a MRM (Marketing Resource Manager).

More importantly, it brings these features together in an integrated “content hub,” backed by critical features like rights management, web-to-print, and a marketer’s portal.

“In my opinion, the Stylelabs announcement is, hands down, the biggest news from Symposium.”

Patrick Perrone,
VP of Development

Sitecore made its bones as a Content Management System, but in today’s world, CMS is just the table stakes. Stylelabs breathes new life into Sitecore’s content capabilities, leapfrogging past mere content management and into the world of content creation lifecycle.

Now content editors, photographers, image editors, copywriters, marketers, product experts, ad managers, and authors can all collaborate through the same platform, organized into workflows, with managed permissions, versioning, task management, budgeting and scheduling.

This allows images, text and associated content to be authored, annotated with comments, proofed, approved and published to a variety of digital and print channels.

With efficiency-forward features like lo-res previewing, interactive image version comparison, Adobe CS integration, extensible and standardized (GPC) taxonomy, managed workflow, CDN and more, organizations can raise the quality bar with faster, more consistent content creation and delivery. We’re excited about how these capabilities are going to transform how organizations utilize Sitecore.

As Sitecore begins absorbing the pillars of Stylelabs capabilities into the product, we’ll be actively engaged so our clients will be ready to benefit.

Iterative integration

Much like the acquisition of Commerce, we anticipate that this journey will begin with a more “arm’s length” integration, followed by a series of releases that merge tranches of Stylelabs into Sitecore.

Ultimately, like Commerce, we expect it to become entirely “Sitecore native”. What that means remains to be seen. Stylelabs is an entirely cloud-based product. Sitecore itself is trending in that direction, so it will be interesting to watch what shape the ultimate platform will take.