Do your customers know that you love them?

Learning your customer’s love language shows that you care and are truly paying attention. It helps bridge the communication gap between businesses and clients, deepens business relationships, allows you to become an asset to your customer, and most importantly, shows that you respect their time and relationship. But what specific marketing technologies are out there to help you send those messages and to reach your customer audience? Keep reading to find out.

Marketing Technology for Quality Time
For someone that falls into the Quality Time category, the less distractions the better. Some characteristics of this love language include undivided attention and uninterrupted communication; it helps them feel comforted in the relationship. But in a fast pace corporate environment, it can be challenging for companies to always nurture one-on-one, uninterrupted time with customers and clients. Yet, it is still possible. Thanks to marketing technologies like Cognigy, you can continue to give your full attention in a fast-paced market.

Cognigy allows your company to have a conversational platform with your market audience across multiple channels and devices, increasing one-on-one conversations, and conversions. You can engage your customers through chatbots, voice assistants, VR/AR and/or IoT. With marketing technology that allows you to carry fluid and uninterrupted conversations, your customers will feel that nurture and quality time through accessible conversations.

Find out more about our partnership with Cognigy and see how Arke can help you implement this conversational platform.

Marketing Technology for Physical Touch
For technology purposes, let’s consider physical touch as digital touch. It’s important to think about the different digital touch points your customers have with your company, especially when they navigate to your website. Nurturing those digital touch points by implementing the correct marketing technology will ultimately optimize your user experience.

Based on those customer touch points you can better engage your customers with content that is relevant and personalized. An enterprise CMS platform, like Sitecore, can help you personalize website content to truly engage users.

Our case study with Herschend Family Entertainment is the perfect example of how personalizing the website experience can transform the customer journey and nurture through those digital touch points.

Marketing Technology for Acts of Service
Ever heard the saying, “Actions speak louder than words?” You can bet your customers whose love language is Acts of Service have, and it’s probably their life motto.

If your customer has a need, they want you to respond to it, and not just say that you will. Utilizing marketing technology can help capture those areas of need so you can respond to your customer in the way they would appreciate. Going the extra mile to provide answers, experiences, or input can cultivate a relationship of trust and catapult your customer service through digital touch.

As a digital marketer, Lytics can help you serve those individualized experiences to your customers. This marketing technology helps deliver those unique acts of service by understanding how your customer behaves through the information being entered into Lytics Customer Data Platform. That data then helps provide experiences and services that tailor to what your customer really cares about and what they are expecting from your brand.

Now if they need help with their yard work, you may not be able to help with that.

Marketing Technology for Words of Affirmation
Words aren’t just words. To customers that prefer the Words of Affirmation love language, words mean a lot. Targeting audiences with tailored messaging can transform the way customers interact with your company. Using platforms like Marketo  allow you to ultra-personalize your emails and nurture campaigns.

Arke can help you optimize your use of Marketo and integrate it into your marketing strategy and technology infrastructure.

Marketing Technology for Gifts
Gifts go far more than just material items. Customers that fall into this love language category simply take gifts as a thoughtful gesture that allows them to feel appreciated. For your customer, a gift may come in the form of loyalty program or rewards programs. Yet collecting the data to create these programs is crucial.

A Customer Relationship Management platform, like Salesforce, can help you collect all the necessary data points in a customer journey to reward them for their loyalty.

Learning to integrate love language into the digital world can seem tricky but it doesn’t have to be! Interested in implementing some of these technologies? Want to learn more? Speak with an Arke specialst to see how we can help you choose the right technologies.