Social media for B2C companies is vital, if not crucial to expand company growth. However, is it also beneficial for B2B firms? Is there measurable ROI that is worth time and investment?

The simplified answer: Yes.

How are your customers doing their research?
Forbes released a survey where they studied more than 500 decision maker executives, both of mid- and large-size companies, across various industries to see how they assessed B2B vendors. In this survey they found that 83% of those senior executives used social media as a deciding factor to choose a vendor, and 92% attributed social media as an influencing factor in their purchasing decision.

B2B companies generally do lots of research on marketing trends, industries, competitors, and prospective clients for marketing purposes. Yet thanks to Google and the social media era, clients are also spending time researching B2B companies -that includes websites, social media platforms, and reviews. Prospective clients are now putting on their investigator hats before trusting companies with an investment of any sort. Peer reviews, including social media, are becoming a bigger influence in client research. A study done by G2 Crowd and Heinz Marketing showed how 92.4% of respondents are more likely to purchase a product or service if they’ve been able to read a trusted review about it.

Never underestimate the influence that social media can have in the hands of your potential clients. Think about it like this: your prospects on social media are creating a social media presence that can help expand brand awareness. “By understanding how your customers interact with your brand, you can gain better clarity about their pain points and can identify ways to make the customer journey easier, faster, and more convenient.”- 5 Foolproof Ways to Show Your Customers You Care

Social media humanizes B2B companies.
A strong social media presence is a perfect way of adding more human characteristics to your marketing efforts. Social media platforms allow organizations to create connections with individuals to understand concerns and create communication opportunities. Forbes explains how through social media, “You can keep a real-time connection with buyers when you are more active and engaged with them; you become a more trusted source.”

When marketing is done wrong, it can leave people feeling like a business opportunity, rather than a nurtured client. When marketing is done right it can make people feel like…well, people.
It may sound very ethos driven, but you cannot deny that many clients search for ultra-personalized content and communication. In fact, 88% of U.S. marketers reported seeing measurable improvements due to personalization.

Increase in social engagement
Utilizing social media for engagement can become a much more powerful tool than B2B companies realize. Social Media is a perfect opportunity to showcase great content and success stories, share thought leadership, and promote sponsorship opportunities to exemplify your expertise in the industry. Creative Marketing for Bland Brands, discusses how companies like Home Depot and GE were able to leverage social media platforms to connect with its audience.
At times when email marketing can feel more invasive than personalized, social media is a great way to prompt engagement without those dreaded unsubscribe requests. It is another channel of digital touch that allows you show the mission of your company while broadening your audience market reach. Here are some examples of how it can help.

  1. Increase website traffic through social channels.
  2. Determine what content resonates the most with your audiences.
  3. Increase following on social channels.
  4. Generate leads from social efforts and marketing efforts on social media.
  5. Increase brand awareness through social media outlets.

By launching a robust social media presence, companies can expand brand awareness, raise their client base, boost client satisfaction, and extend client relationships. There are significant results that show increase in profitability and growth in B2B firms. Creating the Best Social Media Plan for Your Brand offers great insights over choosing the right social media channels for your brand.

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