It’s far from the end of the road, but for Sitecore 8, the road gets a bit rougher at the end of this year.

According to Sitecore’s Product Support Lifecycle, mainstream support for Sitecore 8 ends on December 31. As the version enters the “Extended Support Phase,” some support will still be available:

  • Online documentation, including knowledge base and official discussion forums.
  • Assistance with product incidents (help desk tickets).
  • Security updates and fixes.

However, some support will be deprecated:

  • Assistance with issues during installation or development will only be available on a for-pay basis.
  • Support will no longer provide hot-fixes or patches for product defects, except on a for-pay basis.
  • Sitecore will no longer offer compatibility fixes for supported technology platforms (Windows, SQL, SOLR, etc).

Sitecore 9 introduces many significant benefits over Sitecore 8 (see This transition from Mainstream to Extended support phases is even more reason to consider upgrading.

Need more reasons to upgrade to Sitecore 9? Click here to download Arke’s Upgrade to Sitecore 9 Powerpoint presentation. It pulls together many helpful links and points-of-view to help you make an informed decision on what’s best for your business. Read about more benefits of a Sitecore 9 Upgrade.

A smooth Sitecore upgrade requires proper planning and execution. Arke MVP Neil Killen spells out the necessary steps to a successful Sitecore Upgrade at

Leverage Arke’s experience to guide you through the upgrade, and to maximize the benefits of being on Sitecore 9. Contact us and let’s figure out what’s right for your organization.