I was recently fortunate enough to be asked by Lodging Magazine to produce an article on how to grow direct booking revenue.  (It’s located in the OWNER’S MANUAL>> Smart Strategy >> Book Smart section) The request came after the magazine found out about the work we have had done with OMNI Hotels & Resorts this past year and the incredible results and direct revenue lift we have accomplished for them.

Much like our clients in other industries the focus of digital is turning on the demand engine and increasing revenue. It is our opinion that doing that doesn’t require “build it from the ground up” kind of thinking– it requires optimization thinking. Take your current website and enhance a section or even just a page. Prove a result and then determine how you can optimize it even more. The same model applies to email marketing. Take what you have for a nurture campaign and strive to get just a little better click through rate. Take small steps. Enhance the experience and the results will increase.

Want to connect and review your digital marketing processes? I’d be happy to have a phone conversation and talk through some ideas to optimize your digital experiences so you can increase your booking rates too. Learn more about our Revenue Engine strategies.

The constant reiteration that is happening in digital marketing (with martech tools) isn’t helping either. In fact, the starting and stopping that goes along with reimplementation just slows down the flow of meaningful results. Read my article linked below and you’ll get a summary of some of Arke’s best practices to date. You’ll notice they focus on “the fundamentals of digital marketing”, not those shiny digital marketing tactics and newly improved software tools!

Read my Lodging Magazine article here. Enjoy!