We’ve been called strategy gurus and mar-tech fanatics.

Arke is a team of marketers, technologists, creatives, designers, writers, coders, architects, data geeks, and business strategists.

All united by a common passion to make digital work for our clients. In a complex world, we streamline and simplify.

Our mantra? Think customer first.

We view our work through the eyes of end users. We walk in their shoes.

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Some of Our Customers

This perspective helps us find and eliminate friction in systems and processes. Then it reveals new ways to build amazing customer experiences.

Who We Are

A close-knit group of marketing technologists driven by helping clients and partners achieve a disproportionate share of market.

Our Mission

To work with a team of passionate, well-educated marketing and technology professionals who provide best in class consulting services focused on doing the impossible with marketing technology for well-known brands, growing business and cutting-edge start-ups.

Our Vision

Be the highest quality provider of game-changing marketing technology services in the world.

Our culture

Here, diverse perspectives are valued. We’re a rainbow of avid photographers, home-brewers, artists, musicians, sports fiends, gamers and fans of peach cobbler. Our passions and differences keep us growing.

Our Values

Arke’s core values shape everything we do. These principles make Arke unique, and define how we work with every client.

Intelligence: We hire only the best, brightest, and smartest in our field. 

Vision: We are dreamers with a vivid imagination of what it means to connect technology. 

Drive: Our team is motivated to help clients succeed at improving and growing their business. 

Passion: We have an unusual amount of excitement and enthusiasm about marketing technology. 

Camaraderie: Our culture exudes a spirit of mutual respect and trust. 

A Decade of Awesomeness.
How Arke began.

Way back in 2005, before the iphone and Uber, two software developers at Turner Broadcasting started a company to improve brand experience through intelligent recommendations and implementation of marketing technology. Arke was born.

In the decade since, CEO Eric Stoll and CTO Chris Spears prioritized hiring hard-working, smart, fun, authentic people. They balanced attitude and aptitude. Company legends were born about pickles, and shrimp (both worth an ask).

Today Arke specializes in strategic brand experience and marketing technology. The consultancy designs, builds, and manages digital brand experiences. We’re equally proud of our:

  • Multi-floor offices at 3400 Peachtree Road in Atlanta’s Buckhead neighborhood.
  • More than 90 diverse employees
  • Culture of honesty, trust, humility, hard work, and authenticity
  • Sitecore Platinum Implementation Partner designation, with 8 employee Sitecore MVPs, Founder Spears was in the first class of Strategy MVPs.
  • Vice President of MarTech Innovation, Andy Uzick was in the first class of Technology MVPs – and has maintaining that standing longer than anyone in America.
  • Partnerships with Microsoft, Adobe, Coveo, and other leading vendors.

Arke’s Enterprise and Strategic Partners

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