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Brand Experience

Every touch builds experience

Your brand experience encompasses every touchpoint your company has with its customers, as well as its employees, partners, distributors, vendors, and all other stakeholders. Supported by the customer journey, physical and digital channels, and strategically important technology, it makes quality user experience as the priority.

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The Foundation for Immersive Brand Experience

To provide a clear focus on business goals and customer-first outcomes, key areas of the organization’s marketing and technology systems must work as one. The right people, processes, technology, and data collectively create frictionless, omnichannel brand experiences that drive engagement, revenue, and customer advocacy.

Always start with the outcome in mind

We ask our clients to focus on the business problems they hope to solve. Once the objectives are clear, we help them develop a strategic plan — one that helps them make decisions easily and drive desired results.

Empower your people and partners

Engage all of your employees — your first customers. Reach across the organization. Bring in Marketing, Sales, Support, IT, and representatives of your other constituencies. Don’t try to transform in a vacuum. Many of your employees are already thinking the way you are.

Map the journey of your customer

Leverage a tool like Arke’s Journey Map Template to design at least one customer journey. This is a matrix of customer acquisition and retention stages. Think honestly and clearly about your customers and prospects and their stages of interaction with your company.

Integrate technology to better engage customers

Build a technology map to accurately assess the tools you own and how you use them. Look for ways to add value to the systems you have purchased through enhanced integration opportunities.

Use data wisely

Make use of minimum viable data (MVD) such as demographic and location data, the frequency of purchase, and average purchase size. These data insights help you know your customer and provide a more personalized brand experience.

Excellent brand experiences are not only relevant but show empathy and respect for your customers.

Chris Spears, Chief Marketing Technology Officer, Arke

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