Why should you care about Digital Quality Management?

Why would you put your brand at risk?

“Of the CFOs who make digital governance a very high priority, over half report EBITDA growth of over 10% over the past three years”

– Forrester

Your brand is at risk with every error, inconsistency and non-compliant component. Most organizations carefully test their site at launch, but don’t continue to closely monitor for issues and compliance. Multiple content contributors, changing technology and government requirements mandate regular reviews of your digital properties.

Many companies are struggling to meet:

  • Maintaining brand consistency across a complex site and multiple content editors
  • Changing ADA requirement
  • Improving SEO rankings in fast changing search criteria

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  • Demand Creation Advisory
  • Customer Experience Advisory

"Digital customer experience governance is more important than ever. Companies skated by with poor governance when they only managed one or two websites. But companies that don’t systematically govern today’s multi-device digital customer experiences drive up costs and erode their brands by delivering disjointed experiences”

- Forrester

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