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Journey Mapping

Paths to understand behavior

Journey maps build empathy and understanding. By mapping the ways your customers and other stakeholders interact with your brand, you gain a clear and accurate picture of the quality of your brand experience. Journeys identify successes as well as pain points, and provide insight on what you can do to better your brand experience.

Experience Your Customer’s Journey

Journey maps help companies visualize the steps their customers take — from the first contact through engagement, and then along a path that can lead to long-term loyalty. By understanding how your customers interact with your brand, you can identify ways to make the customer journey easier, faster, and more convenient.

Gather existing insights and personas

Through in-person interviews, research, and existing documentation review, we gather insights to prepare for our Journey Mapping Workshops. This includes personas, competitive research, analytics, system documentation, and any previous user journeys and marketing strategies.

Identify customer touchpoints and goals

We bring together stakeholders, including customers, to map customer touchpoints across each Persona identified. Our workshops identify current journeys and future states, confirm goals and objectives for each customer type, decide what customers are thinking and feeling at each step along the journey, and highlight how customers interact with touchpoints and influencers along the way.

Gap Analysis
What’s missing from the optimal journey?

By analyzing the data from our research and workshops, we determine if each persona and stakeholder can achieve their goals and objectives. We also note roadblocks or gaps, and provide an analysis of probable areas of disengagement — which usually highlight times when their needs are not being met.

Roadmap for optimizing the customer journey – across people, platforms, channels, and data.

We identify ways to optimize the customer journey and close identified gaps to help each persona achieve their objectives. We map that journey against future growth and initiatives, and then validate our recommendations with customer and stakeholder panels.

Bring the journey to life 

Once defined, we transform data into an easy to understand visualization. This visual representation is easily shared with stakeholders and colleagues. It can be used as a tool to influence your brand experience roadmap and technology implementations.

Customer journeys are about seeing through the lens of your customers — walking in their shoes, if you will — and using that insight to build the foundation for all your business decisions.

Margaret Wise, VP, Strategy, Arke

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