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Marketing Technology Alignment Workshop

Align your marketing and technology with what’s most important:
your customer.

Deliver Experiences When and How They’re Expected

Taking your current strategy, tactics, and goals into account, we’ll reevaluate them to ensure they represent the best approach to engage potential customers. The result is a clear path towards better conversion.

Validate and Build Actionable Marketing and Business Goals

Visualize Your Customer Needs and Journey

Collect the right data, not all the data

The customer is the most important audience to consider for any marketing or technology decision. That’s why we always start the MTA with a detailed analysis and transcription of the current customer’s journey through the buying stages. This provides a north star to turn to when decisions get hard.

Quick Wins That Improve Conversion

Once we have a clear view of how your customer journey is currently laid out, we can find optimizations, new processes, and even new product ideas. Reframing Marketing and Technology from the perspective of the customer is the secret to revenue.

Actionable Revenue Driver Insights

2-3 Year Digital Roadmap Designed to Meet Your Goals

Continuously Improve Your Most Effective Marketing Activities

With the present state and quick wins discovered, it’s time to look to the future. Our roadmap will tie the investment needed for your new initiatives to potential revenue, making resource planning more realistic.

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