Where do you rank?

Measure your organizations marketing maturity and gain insight on what strategies to focus on next

The MarTech Strategy Workbook provides a critical step in your digital transformation journey. One of the most valuable lessons we’ve learned over the years is to measure digital marketing efforts frequently. Look at what’s working and what’s not and make adjustments as needed. Making this an internal process will help you advance your transformation efforts and help optimize your marketing efforts, saving you time and money. It will help you create better customer experiences across all your omni-channel marketing environments.

This workbook was specifically designed to help you measure your marketing maturity, provide an easy to understand ranking system and give broad recommendations for where to focus next. It’s a valuable resource that’s been used with our clients as well in group workshop settings like Arke CX Summit.

So where do you start?

  • Download the MarTech Strategy Workbook
  • Assess your marketing efforts by completing the 7 sections within the workbook
  • Follow the directions and graph your answers and discover your ranking
  • See recommendations based on rank (developing, intermediate or mature)

If you have questions, send us a note at marketing@arke.com.
We’ll be glad to help.

Get insight from your Marketing Maturity