1207, 2018

Sitecore Puts 6 Arke Submissions on its Symposium Agenda

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Arke will lead as many as six sessions at Sitecore Symposium in Orlando this October. The presentations directly involve nine Arke team members who were recognized for their mastery of the Sitecore Experience Platform.

2603, 2018

Arke’s Spin on March Madness Offers Players a Chance to Win

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Arke Madness is Atlanta-based Arke’s first in office basketball tournament. Arke team members invited 250 prospects, partners, and analysts to play in a quest to find the best office desk basketball player nationwide.

509, 2017

Arke Consultant Explains ‘How to Swallow Development Veggies The Smart Way’

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Just as maintaining a well-balanced diet is important to your health, testing is vital to development operations, says Arke's Patrick Perrone.

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