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Elevate your customer experiences

Customer Experience Optimization Platform

Elevate your customer experiences

User experience, data visibility, and optimization is vital to enhanced customer experiences and conversions.


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Examples are from 3 AB Tasty e-commerce clients

Why Arke and AB Tasty?

Pretty simple really. Both AB Tasty and Arke share the same core belief about having user experience data to optimize UX/UI and positively impacting engagement, demand, and revenue.

And let’s face it, Arke has spent over 15 years growing up in the customer experience optimization world. Our Strategy and Experience Design teams understood early on the economic importance of being in the market with user experiences that delight customers; keeping them coming back for more. After reviewing AB Tasty’s platform we immediately recognized the value to accelerate one of Arke’s core offerings – delivering awesome Customer Experience. In short, the faster we can clearly and efficiently identify UX/UI gaps, the faster we will be able to recommend optimizations that deliver exceptional digital experiences.  And of course, the faster we’ll drive the conversion, revenue and growth metrics you want.

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The feature-rich AB Tasty platform benefits both the Marketing and Product teams.

Marketing Teams

  • Experimentation: Our visual editor and widget library take code out of the equation, so you can run insightful campaigns without the time commitment or hassle.
  • AI Powered Personalization: Segment audiences to send the right message, to the person, at the right time—it’s hyper-precision at hyper-speed.
  • Dynamic Widgets: Choose from a variety of industry-specific, customizable templates to nudge visitors into action.

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Product Teams

  • Feature Flags: Feature flags let product managers toggle new features on or off for a controlled – or personalized – rollout.
  • Progressive Rollout: Test the waters with beta programs, canary testing, and other progressive rollout methods to minimize risk and launch with a clear conscience.
  • Server-side Experimentation: Go beyond client-side and add depth to your experimentation and personalization campaigns on all digital channels.

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/ Learn more about how Arke can help you optimize your digital experiences.

/ Learn more about how Arke can help you optimize your digital experiences.

Drive more ROI with optimized digital experiences for your customers.

Are you ready to test your customer experiences quickly? Analyze, learn and optimize your user experiences to convert more often. Connect with Arke to get started with Ab Tasty today.

AB Tasty Customer Experience Optimization Platform

Marketers, product and tech teams use the AB Tasty AI-driven experimentation, personalization and product optimization platform to drive revenue with outstanding customer experiences.

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