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Sitecore 9

3 Reasons to Upgrade to Sitecore 9

Sitecore 9 includes updates that allow you to truly unify and centralize data collected from multiple channels. This was previously done in xDB. The new xConnect replaces this and is highly extensible and scalable.

Upgrading to Sitecore 9 gives you multiple deployment options ranging from on-premise self-managed to the most common model of cloud-hosted and partner-managed. Sitecore also has subscription pricing available with Sitecore 9.

JSS takes the lead in Sitecore 9 by moving more design and content effort to front-end developers, providing marketers more freedom, control, and speed in updating websites.

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& accelerate

Your Sitecore Implementation with SXA

SXA can be a great option to simplify and accelerate your Sitecore implementation.

A traditional deployment looks like iterations of a linear process with handoffs from team to team at each step. SXA collapses the linear handoff into a set of parallel workstreams by leveraging Sitecore’s wireframe tool.

In most cases, users will benefit from the speed of using out of the box components, with the capability of customization still available when needed.

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a future-proofed solution

If you’re already using Sitecore, then you know that the original commerce in Sitecore wasn’t natively written. Sitecore Commerce 9 changes that.

Sitecore Commerce is now entirely native, eliminating all legacy code. It's written on .net Core, so you can count on a future-proofed solution. The modular design allows you to manage the features you want and exclude those you don’t, simplifying the interface and site administration.

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Looking for a
more stable Sitecore?

what’s ‘normal’ for Sitecore platform stability

There are many variables that affect stability, but we can help identify what you should expect. Based on your infrastructure investment, we can advise you on your optimum up-time. We develop metrics to benchmark your performance, including:

  • Number of critical or high priority bugs deployed to production
  • Number of minutes to complete a deployment
  • Number of minutes system downtime during deployment
  • Number of deployment rollbacks per year
  •  The estimated effort for minor/major releases

Our team can help you establish the right metrics to measure the technical health of your deployment.

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Why Stylelabs for Sitecore is a gamechanger.

Sitecore’s acquisition of Stylelabs creates a marketing content hub that integrates Digital Asset Management (DAM), Marketing Resource Management (MRM), and Product Information Management (PIM) to streamline all of your marketing content management.

an integrated content hub

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