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America’s Favorite Chicken Sandwich Provider

Boost website uptime with 24/7 website monitoring for quality CX even on high traffic days.

It’s a problem most marketers only dream about: so many online orders that the website can’t keep up. But for America’s favorite chicken restaurant, high traffic days had become a nightmare.


When record numbers of customers hit the site at once, the quick service restaurant’s site was sporadically freezing or sometimes even failing. Customers weren’t able to place or pay for their orders. The website was barely meeting acceptable uptime targets.

These operational challenges were costing the company completed orders and revenue. More important, they threatened to erode customer experience and confidence, which are top priorities to the organization.

Arke was asked for a comprehensive systems analysis and answered with a total solution.


Since Arke began providing Managed Services for the QSR in 2017, the national promotions have run with 100% uptime.

In times of actual emergencies, this level of planning serves the client well. There is a well-defined plan and everyone involved can focus on the most pressing need.

Today, the website uptime is higher than ever and so is consumer and operator confidence.

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