Arke Rescues a Utility Company After Website Project Blows Up

The RFP process isn’t perfect. Amerigas, a Southeast leader in propane service, learned that lesson the hard way.


Nine months after Amerigas chose a technology partner based on a low bid, their new website project was behind schedule and way over budget. Worse still, projected delays meant the site might launch after the year’s biggest shopping season.

Impressed by Arke’s solid Sitecore expertise and a high number of Sitecore MVPs, Amerigas asked Arke for help getting their project back on track. The team turned up the heat, rolling up its sleeves for serious code clean up and strong project management.

Just eight weeks later, the new Sitecore platform was stable and ready for launch. Arke trained the Amerigas internal team and then returned ongoing maintenance and support to a very happy client.


After the project deployed, online account applications climbed substantially. The new Amerigas integrated website now powers data-driven decisions for both wholesale clients and end users.

Discover the lessons Amerigas learned and how Arke stepped in to help.

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