Transforming a financial planning leader with integrated technology, digital brand consistency, and website UX

Caught in a cycle of “react and maintain,” Ascensus found it hard to plan — a particularly unfortunate reality for a company whose motto is “always have a plan.” To address the issues, Ascensus turned to Arke.


Ascensus partners with financial institutions to offer tailored retirement, health savings, and 529 college savings plan recordkeeping, administration, and education solutions.

The company’s best-in-class training technology, software, and tools simplify financial planning for clients. But their website and technology utilization were falling short of the company’s progressive vision.

Leadership wanted a significant transformation to remain competitive in the digital era. They needed to move from “slow and clunky” to “nimble and innovative”.

Ascensus identified two strategies: 1) Adopt a development strategy that addresses user needs today and that will shape future innovation. 2) Provide customers and prospects “Amazon-like” digital experiences that are convenient, seamless, and personalized.


Ascensus documented its digital goals in 2012. Today, it has accomplished many of them. Marketing has been relieved of many former manual processes and can now focus on strategic planning.

The powerful integration between Sitecore and CRM platforms has improved data-driven decisioning to give customers better, more intuitive experiences. It has generated efficiencies for both marketing and IT since marketing now functions more independently.

Since the site enhancements were implemented, more customers are successfully completing online account setup. What’s more, the average dollar amounts of plan contributions are rising. These benefits are both measurable and trackable in the redesign and re-platform of the sites.

Transactions are higher than ever before — and Ascensus has won multiple marketing and public affairs awards for the awesome experiences it now provides.

We’re proud to partner with a brand that has such a great mission, and see them do what they set out to do with their digital transformation.

Learn how Ascensus attained Amazon-like CX results.

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