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Elliott Wave International

“The MTA was extremely useful for our team. Arke asked pertinent and thought-provoking questions that helped us fine-tune our approach.

We are very excited about using Sitecore to accomplish our myriad business goals. We want to give our customers world-class content experiences on a one-to-one basis.”

Paul McQuaid, Company Director
Elliott Wave International


Upgrade the marketing technology and e-commerce platforms and consolidate disparate content management systems onto Sitecore, the chosen CMS.

Elliott Wave International (EWI) publishes financial reports and is the world’s largest market forecasting firm. Customers and subscribers purchase access to these reports. They serve everyone including very active professional traders looking to understand where their markets are likely to go over in the next few hours; to investors making decisions on their portfolios; to executives who need a handle on economic and social trends that will provide them opportunities and challenges, and everything in between.

EWI is a technically progressive company with aggressive digital marketing goals. The IT and Marketing teams work closely together. They needed to implement technologies that would support their goals, which include consolidating many sites onto one platform.


EWI is focused on capturing the complete view of the customer. The only way to reach this goal is through a complete digital transformation. This includes replacing a homegrown content management system of 20 years, updating the user interface for an improved user experience (UX) and basing content decisions partly on users’ expressed and implied areas of interest.

One specific challenge EWI faces is the unpredictability of purchases due to major market moves. The publishing industry is an evolving landscape, which led to EWI’s need to keep the pace with technology. They have various sites and domains that live on many different CMSs, which would make consolidation tricky. The legacy applications would need support during the integration, which added a layer of complexity.

Additionally, EWI has many content contributors, making it difficult to manage all the users on their legacy system. Their familiar legacy system of nearly two decades would no longer exist after all sites moved to Sitecore. The EWI team had no previous experience with Sitecore and were all .NET developers.

A financial publishing company embraces new technology with strategy at the forefront.

Per Elliott Wave’s request, the solution had to include:

  • Verification that Sitecore was the appropriate solution for their needs.
  • Strategic alignment between people, processes, tools/technology, and data.
  • Customer engagement, CRM, email, e-commerce, mobile, UX and reporting strategies.
  • Defined opportunities to utilize advanced Sitecore Content Profiling tools, giving EW a complete view of the customer.
  • Seamless integration of a new CMS platform.

MTA & Implementation

After experiencing frustration with the limitations of their homegrown CMS, EWI began looking for sophisticated, proven platforms. They realized they needed an implementation partner and were referred to Arke. EWI went through Arke’s Marketing Technology Alignment (MTA). This 3-4-day workshop brought all their stakeholders into one room with key Arke strategists for a deep discussion involving their people, processes, tools/ technology, and data. This workshop is designed to empower organizations to better use the tools they have or are about to invest in and it worked well for EWI at this stage of its search.

Throughout the workshop, areas, where Sitecore would expertly meet their goals, were pointed out. The MTA also flushed out plans for customer engagement, CRM, email, e-commerce, mobile strategy, UX and reporting. The Arke team also pointed out places in our design comps that could help us identify a user’s preferences, using Sitecore’s Content Profiling tools. Additionally, the MTA helped verify that Sitecore was a good fit to provide a better UX for all users, based on regions, markets, and timeframes they are most interested in.

During the implementation, Arke placed a Sitecore MVP (Most Valuable Professional), at the EWI offices to work closely to instill implementation guidance and best practices.

The MTA was extremely powerful in terms of wireframe and design decisions for improving the user interface and experience. Design and technical elements were discussed congruently to avoid issues during implementation.

Learn more about Arke's Marketing Technology Alignment (MTA)

Download the MTA Fact Sheet

The solution included:

  • A cohesive customer engagement strategy.
  • Persona-driven personalization strategy.
  • Moving from a 20+ year old CMS to Sitecore.
  • Major functions of Sitecore implemented within only one year.
  • Change management for internal alignment between Marketing and IT.


Sitecore helps EWI personalize user experiences across all channels based on implied and expressed behavior.

EWI has been able to lean on the Sitecore infrastructure for leveraging template sharing across multiple sites. This will cut time both ongoing design decisions and in loading content across those various sites.

The MTA helped verify that Sitecore was a good fit to provide a better UX for all users, based on regions, markets and timeframes they are most interested in.

EWI is on Sitecore version 8.1. They have an integration between Sitecore and their Customer Information System (CIS) that’s feed outside information and has custom reporting capabilities.

Many of EWI’s marketing efforts are focused on digital touchpoints with subscribers. They do a lot of email marketing, PPC, multichannel marketing approaches, and more personalization.

The legacy platform was well built and not necessarily unstable but EWI now have a better platform for testing with Sitecore and Rackspace. The EWI site can now recognize users when they enter the site and is more stable. The project is ongoing, initial implementation took one year.

The Future

EWI enjoyed the work they’ve done thus far with Arke. Having a Sitecore MVP guide them in building their site eased concerns about moving to a new platform. They plan to implement Active Commerce and an plan to optimize tracking and content service. EWI plans to migrate Lyris to Sitecore EXM – Email Experience Manager, as their marketing automation platform. They would also like to integrate Sitecore CMS and their Paywall – a portal that allows paying subscribers access to their content.

With multiple domains living on other systems that still need to be moved onto Sitecore, EWI will continue to work with Arke for guidance and strategy. This will enable EWI to have a 360° view of content subscribers desires.

This effort enables EWI to personalize content and roll out email engagement plans to support improve their UX even more. EWI is now in the process of integrating Active Commerce, a Sitecore module that manages content and commerce experiences onto Sitecore. There are also plans in place for more robust reporting mechanisms. They plan on using either the Power BI or another Business Intelligence tool connectors to pull data from Sitecore’s Mongo DB (Data Base). This will enable EWI to generate special reports they use to make business decisions. EWI will continue to be aggressive with their digital goals by using Sitecore.]