Federal Reserve

Leading the Federal Reserve Banks into the Cloud – and the Future

Secure, efficient communication is key to every organization.


For the Federal Reserve System, the stakes are high. Their IT experts turned to Arke for a best-in-class communications strategy to all stakeholders and help getting the new plan off the ground.

After nine months of in-depth interviews with bank stakeholders, Arke developed the perfect technology stack of Sitecore, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and Click Dimensions.

The team also recommended a move to cloud-based software, which offered superior security and flexibility. The Federal Reserve System had never leveraged cloud technology. Arke worked with the Federal Reserve System to explain the safety and benefits and the project moved forward, simplifying software management and ensuring needed revisions and security updates can be made efficiently.

Executing this recommendation included close collaboration with the Federal Reserve IT team and top management at Microsoft to resolve potential security issues.


The final configuration gives the Federal Reserve System unprecedented control over their digital communications. The software can now be continuously updated to eliminate vulnerabilities for all member banks. This new connectivity affords a new level of responsiveness that keeps the Federal Reserve System– and the United States, at the forefront of financial safety and innovation.

Learn how the right technologies can guarantee peace of mind.

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