Atlanta, GA

Est. 1927

General Cable

General Cable (NYSE:BGC), a Fortune 500 company, has been a wire and cable innovator for over 170 years. With more than 14,500 associates, they are one of the largest wire and cable manufacturers in the world.


Develop clear plans for the future and optimize spending for beneficially needed projects for an improved digital presence.

General Cable markets to end-users but it sells to distributors. That means it has no visibility into its end-users, making it difficult to determine the return-on-investment for its marketing investments and efforts. They needed help seeing where the opportunities are and what steps they’d need to take to be able to take advantage of these new found opportunities.


General Cable is in a somewhat unique situation in that they market to end-users, yet sell to distributors. They have no real feedback or visibility to their end-users.

Like many industries, digital is the new frontier in wire and cable manufacturing. General Cable had a pretty solid understanding of digital marketing and knew that they were good at some aspects, but also that they had some areas for improvement.

They were at a crossroads because they had been working to have an application developed, but the further into the process they got, the further they realized they were from the end goal and the more expensive it was becoming.

Go back three years, and they had worked with a vendor on a lot of banner ads. They didn’t really believe in the process and the numbers. They would received results from the vendor, yet could not prove the numbers offered.

General Cable was to the point where they needed to produce ROI for their marketing investment. They needed a way to manage the success of the efforts they were making. General Cable did not want to give competitors any more time to move forward, and felt now is the time to get it right.

Through Arke’s Marketing Technology Strategy Alignment (MTSA) General Cable gained a more informed use of marketing technologies and how they can drive companies to move ahead of the competition.

Per General Cable’s request, the solution had to include:

  • Develop a clear strategic plan.
  • Gain a more prominent digital presence.
  • Better leverage marketing tools, including email and Google Analytics.
  • Eliminate unnecessary fields for improved web leads.
  • New materials for marketing promotions and other events.

Solution: CRM

General Cable had been working with a local technology vendor on a mobile app, and after a few months in, learned they were not going to get what they wanted out of the relationship and project. An existing, trusted vendor introduced them to Arke Systems to come save the app project. From there, the conversation evolved. The app was really expensive, so it was challenged – why the app?

This drove everyone to take a step back, look at the bigger picture, and assess all things digital. Arke suggested engaging in an MTSA to provide education on the digital landscape, strategy on how to best navigate digital, and a roadmap specific to General Cable’s situation that describes where they are and how to get to where they need to be.

The MTSA provided them with the following at a high level: Context for understanding:

  • Priorities, What Should be done and how
  • Expertise – develop a plan

Better use of marketing technologies helps companies move ahead of the competition.

The solution included:

After working through the marketing technology strategy alignment with Arke, General Cable had a clear, personalized and actionable strategic plan for:

  • Integration between its CMS and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
  • How to optimize marketing spend on the right projects
  • And move ahead of competitors by establishing a well-developed digital presence.


General Cable received a very telling evaluation from Arke, that ultimately led to a more sophisticated approach. They found tremendous value in partner with Arke for an MTA, including:

  • Evolving space, so expertise is needed
  • A clear plan. Importance in strategizing and executing correctly.
  • Mistakes/ misdirection are costly
  • Optimized marketing spend
  • Moved ahead of competition with established presence in digital. Tremendous value in early adoption.

“The MTA really helped us maximize the tools we had,” said Alison Earle, General Cable’s Marketing and Sales Operations Manger.

General Cable has really leveraged their email software, and applied email best practices based on the recommendations from Arke. After the MTSA they started using Google Analytics for the analytical info to drive better business decisions. Additionally, General Cable has improved their web leads form, eliminating unnecessary fields to increase conversions.