Global Agricultural Equipment Provider


Open the door for a new customer focused sales funnel by restructuring CRM.

A large Global Agricultural Equipment Manufacturer began making significant investments in digital marketing tools, one of the largest being a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. They were using Salesforce as their CRM, and Adobe for their Content Management System (CMS). The strength of the industry is highly dependent on the health of the agricultural or farming industry. The industry as a whole is niche-focused, meaning competing manufacturers have very specific target markets.


Traditionally, the manufacturer would target large accounts and individuals in the market for equipment. Their CRM was not initially configured to allow Marketing to target consumers directly by using inbound marketing techniques, such as content marketing. This made it difficult for them to target individuals as customers rather than large accounts.

Since the Agricultural Equipment Manufacturer’s CRM was singularly focused on accounts rather than individuals the manufacturer worked through a distributor model opposed to a consumer one. Their customers vary from single persons looking to purchase equipment and large entities representing accounts. This gave Marketing little insight into how leads were passed through the funnel. The manufacturer needed their CRM to work beyond the distributor model to gain more knowledge of the target market.

The Agricultural Equipment Manufacturer desired more visibility into the sales funnel. Clarity into the funnel would grant them the ability to target more effectively and support demand generation. The Marketing team began using content marketing to engage prospects and track them in a more meaningful and active way.

A Global Agricultural Equipment Manufacturer upgrades CRM improving customer reach.

Goals included:

  • Gain complete insight into sales funnel
  • Seal the data void to ensure leads are being captured correctly
  • Create a technology engine that would support inbound marketing efforts

Solution: MTS Engagement

To tackle the CRM visibility issue, the manufacturer worked with Arke through
an MTS engagement (Marketing Technology Strategy). This exercise begins with a discussion including the organization’s major stakeholders and ends with a strategic roadmap.

This allowed the manufacturer to work through their sales funnel challenges. This discussion included people involved in the success of the project, the implementation processes, technology to support efforts, and the statistical analysis affecting the organization.

In order to modify Salesforce to be consumer demand based, by the end of the session, a year long roadmap was created to give them the exact steps to take over time. This roadmap included strategy, a continued technology implementation process, and a customer journey map.

Arke’s Marketing Technology Strategy (MTS) delivers the business insights needed to confidently take the critical steps toward a healthy digital transformation.

The solution included:

  • Increased visibility into the sales funnel
  • Created a customer-centric CRM model
  • Marketing now creates content driven sales opportunities
  • Mobile usage has been steadily growing to more than 500%


The modifications to CRM shifted Marketing’s focus and efforts gearing them towards direct consumer marketing. The sales team now has visibility into the sales funnel, creating a fluent lead generation process. They’re now able to see how a prospect moves through the sales funnel.

The end goal in mind was to make the system work for Marketing and create a consistent system to generate leads through a funnel the marketing team had visibility into. After Arke’s work in reconfiguring Salesforce, there was a knowledge transfer to ensure the manufacturer’s team could continue to make the new configuration work.