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A CPG seamlessly integrates Salesforce and Marketo for business critical lead capture.


Capture meaningful lead data from the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system and Marketing Automation Platform (MAP) through integration.

In recent years, CPGs have faced challenges centered around direct customer reach and engagement. Traditionally, CPGs have little to no interaction with their end customers, making it difficult for them to engage and connect with the overall customer experience with their brands and products.

A specific division of a Global CPG Manufacturer was focused on B2B sales of high-performance saw blades and needed better workflow processes between their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system and their Marketing Automation Platform (MAP). Capturing relevant lead data is vital for the manufacturer’s team when following up on leads and nurturing them.


The manufacturer was in the middle of a demand generation program when their internal team and partner realized their CRM system, Salesforce, and their MAP, Marketo, were not capturing lead data as it should have. “Leads were not being properly routed based on status and lead source. Lead status is the unique way organizations categorize potential buyers based on a number of factors they consider important in qualifying whether or not they’re ready to buy. Lead source gives the Sales team a point of reference, in the form of a field in CRM, for how the lead learned about their product or service. This was essentially creating a data void.”

Although the correct data was importing from Marketo, the workflow process inside Salesforce couldn’t perform the way the manufacturer wanted it to which was to pull the lead status and sourcing information for a lead record. The data void created challenges for the manufacturer’s Sales team.

It was difficult for them to vet leads that weren’t based on reliable sourcing information. The lack of information regarding lead source and status created an inefficient use of time for the team. Qualified leads could easily be missed, which leads to a lot of missed opportunities.

Arke needed to dig deep and realign customer data with technology workflows. Reestablish and capture more customer moments that could result in opportunity later in the customer buying journey.

Per customers request, the solution had to include:

  • Capture meaningful lead data from the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.
  • Use lead data in Marketing Automation Platforms (MAP) to create more impactful and timely customer touches.
  • Optimize vetting time of leads by sales team


It would have been difficult for the CPG’s Sales team to follow up with significant leads without the integration. This would have cost them valuable time in vetting leads and understanding where they fall within the sales funnel. The internal technical team would have also spent much of their valuable time trying to build the right integration.

To ensure the data void was repaired a series of triggers were built to handle the workflows the way the client needed them to be. This involved updating the fields and any workflows associated with them.

By working with Arke, the manufacturer was able to consult on their sales process and implement it inside of CRM customized to work for them. Salesforce was improved to handle the CPG’s demand generation, process and workload needs with the MAP integration. The project was completed in two months and saved the internal team time.

Arke worked to implement more meaningful integrations between Salesforce and Marketo to improve demand generation, processes, and workloads. Completed in less than two months, it saves the internal team time and increases efficiency.

The solution included:

  • Identify and correct customer data gaps in CRM
  • Realignment of sales processes to technology workflows
  • Consultation on sales process, engagement of prospects and vetting opportunities
  • Recommendations and implementation on a more efficient integration of Marketo and Salesforce


After working with Arke the CPG Manufacturer was able to accomplish the following goals they aimed for:

  • Capture a holistic view of leads
  • Seal the data void to ensure leads are being captured correctly
  • Support the new demand generation process through strategy and technology implementation
  • Cut down on sales vetting time

The Global CPG Manufacturer continues to see improvements in vetting time based on the proper sourcing and status information.

  • 2 months of internal resource time saved.
  • The CPG now captures relevant lead data with integrations.
  • Less vetting time for sales in nurturing leads.