Kids II

“We’re most proud of the way the site plays off our strategy, connecting the physical experience (packaging, point-of-purchase marketing) to digital through responsive design, with a best-in-class design and content strategy that aids the target market along the path to purchase.

“The look and feel of the site and its dynamic functionality are huge points of pride. The site was built with scalability and future integrations in mind. With a 97/100 usability grade from Google, it’s on par with not only our retailers’ sites, but also world class retail sites outside of our industry.”

Kids II


Create a sound technology stack and user experience, enhance brand awareness, referral traffic to retailers, customer acquisition, and content flexibility to support marketing.

Kids II is a product design and manufacturing company specializing in toys and in-home gear for babies and young children. The Kids II brand includes iconic names like Bright Starts, Baby Einstein, Ingenuity, and Oball. Kids II products can be found around the globe, and are sold by top retailers like Amazon, Wal-Mart, Target, and Babies “R” Us.

Kids II has over 200 employees and is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. They market and distribute more than 400 unique infant and toddler products, selling more than 22.8 million items per year. On average, they launch 100 new products a year.


Because the target audience, millennial moms, heavily researches products online and purchases in-store (with 81% using mobile devices to research products in-aisle), their site needed to support the path-to-purchase across multiple devices, and help accomplish an overall company objective of building a stronger consumer connection. Kids II currently sells products globally and has aggressive plans to push the site to their international audience. The overall business goal for this project was to create a sound technology platform and user experience to enhance brand awareness, referral traffic to retailers, customer acquisition, and content flexibility to support marketing efforts.

The previous site delivered a poor experience for potential customers and was also perceived as delivering very little value to retail partners. Site updates and development were slow and complex and, it was difficult to use the website for marketing campaigns. When they did use it for campaigning, it was nearly impossible to gain truly meaningful insights, as the site wasn’t structured for data capture.

By selecting Sitecore as their CMS platform and choosing the right partners for user experience, design, and implementation, the Arke and Kids II team would successfully solve for virtually all of their business and marketing challenges successfully and enhance personalization and eCommerce.

Sitecore, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and Silverpop Integrations:

This children’s manufacturer uses technology integrations to enhance customer experience and streamline work processes.

Per Kid II’s request,
the solution had to include:

  • Enhance content authors experience when updating and adding content
  • Create continuity and structure among brands
  • Improve SEO
  • Upgrade user experience on mobile and desktop
  • Capture customer  insights to be used in marketing efforts

Solution: An Integrated and Enhanced Technology Stack

The previous solution was cumbersome to use and maintain. It was difficult to understand how and where to make content updates since there was little structural continuity among all the brand sites. Improving SEO was difficult due to content and structural challenges, and the user experience in both desktop and mobile wasn’t ideal.

Before the Sitecore solution, it was difficult to make content changes and keep the site running properly. There were also no integrations to other key systems to deliver customer insight, product management capabilities, or marketing automation. Kids II moved to Sitecore because of the advantages it offered through its vast capabilities.

The Sitecore solution is integrated with parts of Arke’s SDK – a set of modules and integrations designed to improve the overall content management and development experience inside of Sitecore. The specific modules can compute searches to allow renderings of indexed page content to improve SEO. Before the integration of CRM Microsoft Dynamics, a manual process existed for entering data into CRM. Dynamics CRM is using an SDK connector to pull information to add to CRM.

The new simplified solution gives Kids II meaningful customer analytics to make more informed business decisions and manage content updates, workflows, and new integrations.

The solution included:

  • 25%  increase  in site visitors from 2014 to 2015 when the site launched
  • Increase of 67% in number of site’s mobile visitors
  • 19% increase in organic search traffic
  • Traffic from social channels rose 76% from 2014 to 2015
  • Kids II has seen an 83% increase in email opt-ins
  • Customer Insights: 2/3 of the site’s visitors were on mobile devices after the site’s launch


The new solution gives Kids II meaningful customer analytics that they can use to make more informed business decisions. The process is now simplified and significantly enhanced to manage content updates, workflows, and new integration points to automate processes that used to require manual interactions. Kids II marketers are enjoying successful campaigns since the site’s launch.

The team was able to rapidly design, deploy, and make fast optimizations to campaign landing pages using Sitecore templates and modules. Their solution now fully supports the consumer path to purchase, across devices, and with various shopping “modes” in mind. More up-to-date product information (pulled from the PIM) shows accurate information and therefore attributable to more positive customer experience.

Mobile (phone and tablet) is very important to the website user experience and was a key focus during design/UX and development phases. Because many in their target marketing are researching online and buying offline the site was designed with a mobile-first mindset. Social integration was also a key component of the launch; the site was built to pull content in real time from Instagram and Pinterest. A foundation was built for robust CRM integration and personalization. Real-time data is pulled from the integration between Sitecore and Silverpop – the marketing automation platform (MAP). When a user completes a form conversion on the site Sitecore pushes the data to CRM Microsoft Dynamics which then triggers an email.

In future stages, CRM integration will enable the Kids II team to access customer and site visitor data to drive personalized content and a more relevant and engaging online experience. The site was developed and designed with personalization in mind to drive specific content to specific audience segments and enhance the customer journey. The marketing foundation is built for the future.