Mizuno USA

“Arke helped us standardize our approach to digital. They focused on our people and understood our capabilities. They were just as invested in our success as we would hope any partner would be”

Keith Neely, Vice President of IT, e-Commerce, and customer support
Mizuno USA


Gain better insights and control of the online customer experience by taking full advantage of a new Content Management System (CMS) with integrations.

Mizuno USA, headquartered in Norcross, GA, manufactures and distributes high-quality golf, baseball, softball, running, track & field, and volleyball equipment, apparel, and footwear with over 200 employees. Mizuno wanted to create cohesiveness between their different product offerings. Before implementing a new CMS, there were many disjointed experiences for Mizuno’s sports – golf, running, and other product divisions.


Prior to the new implementation of Sitecore, Mizuno was using manual processes for product indexing and updates – resulting in a number of inefficiencies. The customers’ check-out experience with the site’s e-commerce functionality was not ideal since Mizuno didn’t have complete control over the experience.

The primary goals for the site focused on creating a superior customer experience with easy to use and intuitive e-commerce. An experience that matched the quality of the products they sold.

Other requirements surfaced during discovery; they consisted of the following:

  • Correct inefficient manual processes for content authors
  • Align inconsistent user experiences across multiple sites
  • Inefficient product management processes into a single data source and difficulties managing content

An international leader in athletic apparel and equipment invests in better customer experience with Sitecore CMS.

Per Mizuno’s request, the solution had to include:

  • Update the look and feel of the site for an improved user experience
  • Create personalized experiences for customers
  • Streamline product management into a single data source
  • Abide by the commerce laws of two countries
  • Optimize site navigation for better cross selling

An Integrated Seamless Experience

As Mizuno explored their options for adopting a new platform, they realized what Sitecore could do to eliminate many manual processes that were in place. Mizuno’s solution was focused partly on web design and development to create a better user experience for customers as well as improvement of e-commerce systems. Email integration and responsiveness for the site were also important focuses for data capture.

The RightNow CRM integration allows Mizuno to identify users and really understand who they are and how they interact on the site. Email is also used to keep in touch with customers for news and updates. The site has the unique ability to identify users based on email and location tracking to determine who customers are and what they’re doing on the website.

Upgraded user and e-commerce experiences created a frictionless buying experience that complimented the Mizuno USA brand.

Results included:

  • Arke worked with Mizuno USA to improve the ecommerce experience.
  • The site now flows in a logical, thoughtful way to make it easier for customers to navigate.
  • Site has the unique ability to identify users based on email and location tracking
  • CRM integration has allowed for automated insights.
  • Site auto generates more data insights, reducing inefficient manual processes.


With Mizuno being an international organization, they were challenged with abiding by the commerce laws of two countries, so Arke helped personalize the content on the website. With the site also operating in Japan, the rules engine determines what gets displayed based on location, but with the consistency of branding and experience throughout both sites.

The site now has real-time inventory checks and ensures users can add to their cart. Real-time price checks allows the online cart to reflect changes in price and gives customers an overall better experience with reflected changes. Commerce has been enhanced to give Mizuno more control over the experience and management.

The site now flows in a logical, thoughtful manner to give customers continuity throughout their experience. Mizuno is now empowered with data insights that are captured through email and the CRM connection. This integration has minimized manual processes that were inefficient and time-consuming. Mizuno USA has seen increased value scores against media and elevated mobile and e-commerce conversions on their site. Campaigns are more easily tracked inside of Sitecore and they’ve seen attributable revenue increases from all their digital strategies.