Marketing Technology Alignment (MTA)
Jackson, GA

Est. 2003

R&B Metal Structures

“The biggest eye opener for me, was realizing how expansive marketing is — it goes beyond traditional advertising, social, and word of mouth. My take away from partnering with Arke is to focus on one or two things at a time, that we can do well instead of focusing on everything.”

“The MTA was a very positive project to work through. So much so that I felt we should move forward with next steps and Arke.”

“Our engagement with Arke was our first stab at doing anything outside of having a website.”

-Ben Giovannetti, General Manager, R & B Metal Structures


Create a ground-up approach to digital marketing and establish a marketing technology strategy.

From the smallest carports to the largest garages, R & B Metal Structures can design and install it. They manufacture the highest quality metal structures. Over the past decade, R&B Metal Structures has designed, built and installed more than 70,000 units. Their stellar quality and service earned them a perfect A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau—the only major carport manufacturer in the USA with this distinction!


Making marketing a priority was a serious challenge for R & B Metal Structures. They outsourced all of their efforts and didn’t have the bandwidth or in-house expertise to give it the attention it needed. Additionally, they see challenges in their sales structure as they work through dealers – gas stations, and hardware stores primarily. From a marketing technology standpoint, they had a single dimensional, brochure style website, which lacked mobile optimization.

Getting to the
grind of it!

R & B Metal Structures approached Arke Systems to accelerate their adoption of digital marketing.

Their end goal was to gain competitive advantage, while growing market share.

The focus areas
during the MTA were:

  • Website strategy and creation
  • Optimized Google Analytics
  • Brand Awareness/Content Marketing
  • Optimization of CRM
  • Optimization of Lead Forms
  • Email Marketing Strategy
  • Early Stage Automation

Marketing Technology Alignment

Arke was initially engaged to aid in the successful delivery of the Carport Captain website that was already underway. As the relationship progressed, R & B Metal Structures and Arke Systems determined that a strategic relationship was more appropriate for the future vision of R & B and how they approached marketing initiatives. Arke suggested an MTA to help drive the overall digital strategy including recreating the R & B web-presence. The MTA findings helped to create a roadmap for achieving the marketing capabilities needed to drive their business forward.

The solution included:

  • Begun maximizing website functionality – moved beyond a brochure style website
  • Developed a web strategy that included SEO/ SEM and a content strategy
  • Set up and started utilizing Google Analytics
  • Hired someone to strictly focus on marketing


The MSA revealed a more customer-centric approach to content, site structure, and digital marketing could pay dividends in the acquisition of customer leads. Through a more foundational approach, Arke recommended and implemented a strategy to help align people, processes, technology and data streams to better attract and keep customers engaged with the brand and it’s products. Testing and optimization of SEO/SEM and a refurbished content marketing strategy proved to R & B that marketing was viable to drive new funnel prospects and ultimately revenue enabling more investment into future marketing efforts as they realized growth in sales.