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“The solution deployed smoothly, successfully, and quickly. SPANX is happy with their reduced workload due to the system’s automation and workflows.”

Kyli Cohron, Wear Testing Manager


Provide a solution that would allow SPANX to quickly and efficiently track all wear-testing information and manage the wear-testing team.

In 1998, Sara Blakely, the creator of SPANX, was getting dressed for a party and couldn’t find the right undergarment, so she cut the feet out of her pantyhose to wear with white pants and open-toed shoes. From that moment forward, SPANX has achieved extraordinary success and has expanded their product lines to include ASSETS, Haute Contour, swimwear, active wear, and a men’s line.


All new products developed at SPANX go through several wear tests before going to market. The product development team is responsible for managing the wear testing process, which includes managing a list of thousands of contacts, shipping them demo products, gathering survey feedback, and analyzing the results.

SPANX charged the Product Development group with expanding their wear test program from 200 to 3000 participants in 2010. Previously, they had managed their wear testing program on spreadsheets and third party survey applications. This led to inaccurate information, inconsistent communications, and a lot of manual labor.

To reach their 2010 goals, they needed better tools and a unified solution to store massive amounts of content, ease of use for content managers, ability to personalize user experiences based on personas, and the ability to link the system to other external systems that marketers use.

Arke was charged with designing a solution that would allow SPANX to quickly and efficiently track all wear-testing information and manage the wear-testing team.

Per SPANX’s request, the solution had to address:

  • Utilize technology to expand and manage the wear-tester program
  • Streamline the processes of the wear-tester program
  • Enhance consistency and accuracy of email and survey communication to testers
  • Reduce manual processes time for team members
  • By able to retain, analyze and run reports on wear-tester data with confidence

Solution: CRM

Arke worked very closely with SPANX’s Product Development and IT groups and became an integral part of the solution design and development process.

SPANX chose the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform because it would provide the best wear tester and data management experience for both the wear testers, and the internal SPANX team. IT found benefit because they could easily extend the solution to provide new workflows and new applications to other departments. Product Development found benefit because all email communications could be tracked in CRM, importing and exporting data view Excel was easy, they could create their own reports to analyze survey results, and mining their database to find the best wear testing group was easy through CRM’s advanced find capabilities.

By using the Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution, SPANX reduced staffing needs and workloads, captured data it could trust, and reduced wear test enrollment time from weeks/days to hours

The solution included:

  • SPANX can now ship product samples up to 10x faster because of their CRM implementation.
  • A 3X increase in wear testers on the new platform in just 1 day after implementing.
  • Freed up 80 hours after implementing the CRM solution.


With the new Dynamics CRM solution, SPANX no longer needed to hire any additional staff and was actually able to free up two other employee schedules to take on new responsibilities. Product Development now has accurate data they can trust. They are able to author a new survey, invite wear testers, and ship product in under an hour, rather than days. The email communication to wear testers is now accurate and consistent to wear testers and requires far less manual operations by staff.

The new systems allowed SPANX to scale the program and not worry about laborious processes to manage emails and registrations requests. SPANX tripled their wear tester enrollment in one afternoon, requiring only about 30 minutes of effort—this would have taken weeks with the previous solution.

With all of their survey and contact data in the Dynamics CRM database, SPANX can instantly generate reports from live data without demanding anyone’s time. This enhanced their ability to segment and target their wear testers, compare different product results, and distribute emails to large lists of contacts.