The Wyanoke Group

The Wyanoke Group has been serving the specialty health care markets since 1923, providing education and information to physicians, nurses and other health care specialists around the world via 42 journals and newspapers, more than 200 medical and allied health books, websites, live events, and dozens of custom projects.

“We are thrilled with our new website. Thanks to the consolidation of sites and new user experience, we’ve seen the jump in traffic and SEO we were looking for. Our customer data is now accurate and valuable! Arke was great to work with. Following Arke’s process provided the structure our team needed to make the project a success.”

Linda Baker, CTO, Wyanoke Group


Launched Sitecore to climb from digital marketing maturity Stage 1 to Stage 5 in less than one year.

Arke was focused on launching a truly personalized website experience for Healio visitors, serving them content, ads, and event notifications that pertained to them. Arke and Wyanoke decided to leverage Sitecore’s Digital Marketing System (DMS) on their new website, which would serve as the all-in-one suite of powerful marketing tools to ensure that they get the most out of their site.

In addition to using Google Analytics, Wyanoke uses Sitecore DMS to understand site performance, create and track highly effective targeted email campaigns, proactively engage and interact with their prospects, and optimize their site, and engage in a holistic dialogue with their visitors. Wyanoke closes the loop on their site with their CRM tool, which serves as the central hub of their marketing technology infrastructure.


Arke used Sitecore’s Digital Maturity Model to help Wyanoke improve their business processes and identify and expand upon their current level of digital capability. The Digital Maturity Model provides a roadmap to help organizations plan their progression through the five stages, gradually gaining greater digital sophistication.

The ultimate goal is to reach the final “Engagement” stage, where the organization is having relevant one-on-one conversations with its audience, both online and offline. By implementing this method of thinking into the project, Arke knew that not only would Wyanoke gain a deeper knowledge of their customer base, they would also be able to improve user experiences, not only on the site, but also through email interactions and other marketing campaigns. The model below shows the 5 Stages of the Sitecore Digital Maturity Model and explains what is required in each step of the process in order to have a refined and more strategic digital presence.

When first launched on Sitecore, Arke made a point to solve some of the issues that Wyanoke had faced in the past with their many separate sites:

  • Integrated Wyanoke’s Sitecore platform with Microsoft Dynamics CRM system allowing Wyanoke to learn more about their customers and their interactions with the site.
  • Built a custom registration process to validate medical professionals against the American Medical Association database.
  • Cleaned and removed duplicate data entries from content, ranging from videos, articles, journals, etc., and stored them on the Sitecore platform.
  • Identified and developed customer personas enabling Wyanoke to have one-on-one two-way conversations with each individual site member.
  • Created real-time site stickiness due to the highly targeted personalized content.

Healio engages site visitors with a personalized experience that improves conversions and delivers a superior user experience.

Per Wyanoke Group’s vision included the following goals:

  • Gain greater digital sophistication
  • Expand the knowledge of their customer base.
  • Improve user experiences, not only on the site, but also through email interactions and other marketing campaigns.

Solution: CMS, CRM Update

Arke worked closely with the Wyanoke team to consolidate 35 sub-specialty sites under the one Healio umbrella. This allows medical professionals to now have access to much more information, across all the many sub-specialties and, it also gives Healio a much richer search engine optimization value for their site by increasing their web presence, number of inbound links, and in turn, increasing their search results and Google Page Rank. It also gives Wyanoke more opportunities to learn about their site visitors and their interests in a meaningful way.

Arke has combined the content from 35 separate sites to the Sitecore platform, all under the Healio domain.

Results included:

  • Thirty-five original sites now work together as one holistic digital platform.
  • Healio continues to see year-over-year increases in digital revenue.
  • Healio boast more than 2 million pageviews per month (previously 700,000 pageviews per month)
  • They now also have 8,500 people joining their mailing list every month.
  • Mobile usage has been steadily growing to more than 500%.


Since the launch of Healio, the site has been able to break through the traffic ceiling that many of their individual sites were facing. By providing more content, inbound links, search value, web presence and authority, Healio has risen above their competition in terms of Google Page Rank. Moving forward, Wyanoke plans to continue to optimize and refine their persona criteria, hoping to drill down even deeper to learn more about customer preference.