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Arke’s culture is rooted in data analysis. It’s the secret sauce of digital marketing. Data services and stewardship are invaluable parts of our practice.

However promising the marketing strategy, customer behavior analytics ultimately reveal its effectiveness. Capturing, analyzing, and leveraging data insights can improve every touch – from email, to website, CRM, and user experience.

metrics tell the story

Data services

testing tools and analysis

As digital natives, Arke fully understands the power of metrics and can assist with a full range of testing capabilities.

Our data services include:

  • A/B landing page testing
  • Strategic consulting and test recommendations
  • Website traffic analysis
  • User TOS and download reports
  • Heatmap tracking
  • Email OR and CTR
  • Statistical reporting and calibration
  • Analysis and interpretation of your in-house testing results
  • Review of current program metrics and suggested data-driven revisions
  •  Integrations with analytics platforms

Fluent in KPI

Our analysts dream in KPIs. Benchmarks like TOS, OR and CTR speak volumes. The numbers tell us which customers are engaging, when and how they prefer to connect, and their likelihood to convert at every point throughout the journey.

expertise plus insight

Resource supplementation

analysis and testing outsourcing

Capturing data is one thing. Reading and interpreting it is another. When data review and modeling prove too time-consuming for busy in-house marketing teams, Arke is ready to help.

Our experts can recommend testing models, construct sound testing methodologies, and interpret test findings. We’ll take the deep dives to formulate data findings, freeing up internal resources for other responsibilities.

Database marketing

You can rely on Arke for best-in-class data handling. At every step, we follow safe procedures for cleansing, storing, and sharing files. Our engineers can cleanse and format data records and reformat test findings so they’re ready for analysis.

We’ll even set up detailed records of the work that’s been done, so future efforts can be streamlined.

good data hygiene


SPANX reduced staffing needs and workloads, captured data it could trust, and reduced wear test enrollment time

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We work to align marketing technologies to your broader strategies, making sure you have a complete view of your organizational needs and a clear path to success.

In the beginning, many folks donated time and energy to help us figure out how to start a business. Now we give back by doing the same thing from a business mentoring perspective. But we also think it’s important to work with organizations in our communities to enable folks that may not have the same opportunities we did.

Chris Spears
Chief Marketing Technology Officer, Arke