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Optimized experiences that build customer delight and lift ROI

make every touch matter more


From desktop, to mobile, to point of sale, every touchpoint creates customer perceptions and expectations.

Great customer experience is no longer a nice to have. It’s a must-have. This last mile of marketing can bring a brand to life – or invalidate even the best strategy.

the new face of the brand

Omnichannel vision

consistent customer recognition

Customers use multiple channels, and want to be recognized as they move between. Successful brands recognize and reward this behavior with consistent, personalized experiences.

Arke can help bridge the gaps between channels, eliminating redundant data entry, and the customer frustration it causes. This holistic approach lets you recognize and reward customers however they experience your brand.

Connect touchpoints

Once marketing channels are aligned, you have a framework for excellent omnichannel experiences. Define KPIs and success metrics for each touch. Test, analyze, adjust, repeat.

Arke can help you test any point in the customer journey to maximize its effect.

optimize at every step


learning that shapes spend

Arke analysts and UX experts define and structure tests for every digital channel: display, web and microsites, landing pages, email, paid search and SEO, mobile, and social.

The results? Data insights for more informed decisions and budgeting. Optimization validates the impact of your marketing spend, creating accountability your team – and top management – will appreciate.


SPANX reduced staffing needs and workloads, captured data it could trust, and reduced wear test enrollment time

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We work to align marketing technologies to your broader strategies, making sure you have a complete view of your organizational needs and a clear path to success.

“We’ve focused 100% of our energy and effort on technologies that influence the customer journey. We constantly ask what foundational infrastructure is necessary for an organization to move data between the tools and agile processes that they might adopt?”

Chris Spears
Chief Marketing Technology Officer, Arke