Shared Success Model

Our pay based on the value delivered

Shared Success Model

Our pay based on the value delivered

Data Driven Optimizations



on investment

through increased demand, engagement & revenue

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Why you should consider a Shared Success Model for your next project?

Don’t engage with agencies who have no accountability to the success of their services.

Gone are the days of paying for services that aren’t GUARANTEED. Our Shared Success Engagement Model ensures our clients have a clear and repeatable path to success. We provide engagements that meet and exceed your goals and metrics.


Shared Success Engagements Work

We recognize the complexity of digital & marketing technology systems. That’s why we developed the Shared Success model. Arke’s experience in digital marketing, customer relationships and marketing technology allows us to develop our own framework. Based in Data Insights and AI models these tools give us the knowledge we need to achieve the results you’re searching for.

Shared risks. Shared rewards.

3 Steps for a Shared Success Engagement

We audit your current strategies, processes, technologies & data. This allows us to understand your readiness and the kind of results we can guarantee. We will develop the trackable metrics, this allows us to prioritize the tasks necessary for your timeline. Finally, we provide you with a Guaranteed Results Brief for your review.

Arke’s teams begin the updates found in their immersion for the optimization process. The data clearly defines a roadmap to the guarantee Arke makes in terms of lift to revenue, engagement or customer satisfaction. Our recommendations leverage our practice areas (strategy, data, technology and optimization) to implement the Shared Success Model. Optimization, when done right, is a continuous process. We’re right there with you, on a predefined timeline, we choose together.

We work together to develop a program and goals that are easily transitioned to your team. We do this so you can enjoy the same successes going forward. If you decide, we can help with continued optimization services or find new results to master, we’ll be glad to help.

Our Shared Success Case Studies