I’m sure many of you recently held a company holiday party. Hopefully it was a great time reconnecting with peers, reflecting on recent challenges and celebrating success. We did just that a few weeks back. To me, it was the perfect celebration of the culture we’ve built and carefully focus on maintaining.

At the Arke gathering, I challenged our team to reflect over the past year. Who learned something? Who had fun this year? Who is new? I am so thankful for our amazing employees and their spouses for being a part of this, and in this spirit, am writing them the following note.

[box]Dear Arkians,

You inspire me, the executives, and each other. You’ve done great work. And the reason… team. Why?  Because you care how we get there, and who you work with. You care about enjoying your coworkers and creating a purpose. Together, we take punches and celebrate victories. I applaud you for creating this culture of honesty, trust, humbleness, hard work and authenticity.

Don’t change!!

We grew 40% and invested a ton. We are growing up, and growing up together. Reflecting on 2013, we’ve seen a lot of success together:

  • Made the Inc 5000 list
  • Pacesetter award
  • Top Marketing Agency award
  • Launched FRM
  • 1000+ hours of internal work
  • Launched CCE
  • Added Salesforce.com to our arsenal
  • Invited to build the MTC Marketing Solution
  • Created SPARKE

Thank you for your hard work and for making Arke such a great place to work!

Most sincerely,


What’s to Come

We expect to repeat all of this in 2014 – from our focus on clients, to addition of new products, to FRM, Salesforce and growth. Will there be challenges along the way? Absolutely. Our top concern as we move forward and grow is maintaining our culture. Let’s remember what the pillars of our culture are:

  1. Help each other grow
  2. Celebrate each other’s contributions

Never forget how we’ve made it to where we are. We must stay true to ourselves and our peers in the coming year.