The technologies in the marketing technology space today are not easy to switch between. For example, let’s say I’m on Plumtree CMS and I want to migrate to Sitecore, with the goal of keeping most of my content the same, updating the cosmetic look a bit and making the site responsive. This doesn’t sound like it should be a huge ordeal, but in reality, it would be quite the undertaking. It’s not just these particular products that are challenging to switch between, nor just CMS solutions. It’s not easy to switch from Oracle to Dynamics CRM, or from WordPress to Sitecore. The more companies focus on making it easier to switch between their platform and another, the better off the industry will be.

What are we doing to help?

We’ve recently launched a product called Cross Channel Engagement (CCE). If you have several web properties running off different CMS solutions, and you migrate 1 of those properties to Sitecore (or build a new property out using Sitecore), then CCE extends your Sitecore investment by enlisting all of your web properties (including those not hosted by Sitecore) into a federation of sites. With CCE, you can gather analytics, manage content, and personalize experiences across your entire web presence. Your Sitecore site becomes a 360 degree periscope into all of a visitor’s engagement with your brand. This allows you to easily manipulate content and cosmetics regardless of the platform and is very cost effective as opposed to an all-out migration.


It all starts with a set of standards on data storage. Once that set of standards has been established, it will make it a lot easier. Are we going to get to that point in marketing technology? I’d imagine we’d have to. It kind of feels we are moving that way. The marketing technology space is still relatively new and the thought process around standardization in order to automate migration is not quite there.