Chief Marketing Technology Officers (CMTO) blur the lines between marketing, IT, and data science, closing the gaps between CMOs and CIOs.

They’re strategists and technology advocates with the creativity and technical skills to align marketing technology with business goals, enhance revenue generation, and advance digital business models.

In short, they could be the most necessary senior executive your company your company has yet to hire.

Why You Need a CMTO

As Sheldon Monteiro, Global CTO at SapientRazorfish, wrote last year, CMTOs are “the unicorns leading experience and digital business transformation within their organizations.”

More simply, they set a technology vision for marketing. In a 2014 article in the Harvard Business Review, Scott Brinker, co-founder and CTO of ion interactive, and Gartner research analyst Laura McLellan, now retired, explained:

“They champion greater experimentation and more-agile management of that function’s capabilities. And they are change agents, working within the function and across the company to create competitive advantage.”

Hiring a Fractional CMTO

While every company can arguably benefit from the services of a CMTO, not every company can afford to hire one. That’s why we advocate on-demand or fractional CMTO services.

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