Only 30 people worldwide have earned Coveo for Sitecore 4.0 Developer Certification. Arke’s Michael Yutko is one of them — an honor that makes him one in about 250 million.

It’s a big deal, for Yutko, for ARKE and, most importantly, for the clients he and the company work with to build better brand experiences.

A Rigorous Exam

To earn developer certification, applicants have to pass an exam Coveo describes as “intentionally rigorous.” That’s to ensure certified developers have an in-depth understanding of Sitecore and deep expertise on the ways Coveo can enhance it, the company noted.

“The training gave me a solid understanding of what Coveo for Sitecore offers, and how to implement it following Coveo’s best practice guidelines. It also covered recommended processes for debugging issues, differences between cloud and on-premises, and upcoming features,” Yutko said.

Sitecore combines web content management, marketing automation, email marketing, social media, e-commerce, optimization, and analytics into a single, unified platform. ARKE is one of Sitecore’s 13 worldwide Platinum Implementation Partners.

Coveo aims to make your Sitecore site more responsive, proactive and relevant for every visitor. Its cloud-based, self-learning site search app works with all Sitecore websites, including Sitecore Commerce sites. It released version 4 of its Coveo for Sitecore product last year.

Several hundred companies are already using Coveo for Sitecore globally. Coveo developed the certification process so its customers and partners can easily identify highly qualified Coveo for Sitecore developers.

A Winning Combo: Coveo for Sitecore

Coveo provides highly advanced search and relevance for personalized online experiences within Sitecore websites. Out of the box, Coveo makes Sitecore websites more relevant to visitors through productized integration. It provides broad connectivity, an advanced Relevance Engine, and JavaScript Interface editor.

Fueled by machine learning, Coveo accesses all of your content and products, recommends the most relevant information, and automatically learns and improves results for future visits and visitors.

Through our partnerships with both Coveo and Sitecore, ARKE crafts integrated marketing technology solutions. Coveo Intelligent Search helps our clients optimize their Sitecore brand experiences.

About Michael Yutko

Yutko, a software developer, joined ARKE in 2013. He’s a graduate of Georgia Institute of Technology, where he majored in computational media and computing.

He said he sought certification because he wanted to broaden his Sitecore knowledge, especially around search technologies. Adding intelligent search on Sitecore websites “provides a lot of functionality that isn’t available out of the box” that makes it easier for site visitors to find the pages they’re seeking, he added.

“Coveo has done an excellent job leveraging the Sitecore rules engine and personalization to make the search pages easy for content editors to customize after a Sitecore developer performs the initial setup work,” he said.

In his free time, Yutko enjoys expanding his Lego Star Wars fleet. “I’m almost done gathering all the pieces for my latest addition, the Tantive IV,” he said.

The 1,408 piece Lego model is a replica of the blockade runner that carried Princess Leia, C-3PO and R2-D2 on a vital mission for the Rebel Alliance in the Star Wars saga.