Sitecore and Adobe earned the highest ratings in a newly released Gartner Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management (WCM).

Gartner analysts Mick MacComascaigh and Jim Murphy, who co-authored the report, said Sitecore and Adobe lead the 18 WCM vendors they analyzed.

As industry leaders, the two vendors “drive market transformation.” They have a solid understanding of digital businesses and are prepared for the future.

They also have strong channel partners, a global presence, solid financial performance, broad platform support, and good customer support.

Arke is a trusted partner of both Sitecore and Adobe.

Why Gartner Favors Sitecore, Adobe

Stamford, Conn.-based Gartner defines web content management (WCM) as the process of controlling the content to be consumed over one or more digital channels with specific management tools based on a core repository.”

Sitecore earned the top ranking for its “ability to execute.” The concept measures how well a vendor sells and supports its WCM products and services, MacComascaigh and Murphy said.

Gartner recognized Adobe, which offers the Adobe Experience Manager under its Adobe Experience Cloud, for its excellent “completeness of vision.” That measures a vendor’s potential and points to its future chances of success, MacComascaigh and Murphy said.

Sitecore Is ‘Spot-On’

In an interview with CMSWire, MacComascaigh called Sitecore “the absolute ones to beat” in the .NET scenario. He explained:

“We see Sitecore’s software as high-quality, well-architected and they’re finally embracing the cloud a lot more aggressively… The direction they are going is spot-on. Others are trying to emulate them in their go-to market and sales execution.”

Sitecore has a strong market presence and goes out of its way to ensure customer success, the report states. It also “expertly balances the seamless experience of its own features” with interoperability with third-party software and services.

Adobe Has ‘Raised Expectations’

Adobe, the report notes, has “effectively raised the expectations and aspirations for customers.”

It offers a deep understanding of the market and well-conceived product vision. Now Adobe wants to support use cases beyond digital marketing, including digital commerce user journeys.

Gartner created the Magic Quadrant to help potential WCM buyers evaluate vendors against a set of specific criteria.

MacComascaigh and Murphy called WCM “mission-critical software.”

That’s particularly true for organizations that want to advance their digital marketing strategy and improve customer communications, they wrote.