Company culture is the soft underbelly of an organization — its soul, its personality, its intrinsic values and beliefs.

It’s the hard-to-describe thing that sets one business apart from its competitors, the lure that helps to attract and retain customers and employees alike.

But while there are countless pieces of advice on creating, improving, changing, and realigning your company culture, they fail to address the obvious.

Great culture simply reflects great people.

The Basics of Company Culture

You can’t build a better company culture the way you build-out office space. You can’t unite a group of strangers around foosball tables and free granola bars alone.

And if you have to call in a consultant to align your team around the company’s values and mission, you’re misunderstanding the basics of human relationships. You can’t force friendships; they have to grow, especially in the workplace.

If you’re fortunate (like me) you work at a place where the senior leadership understands employees are the foundation of a strong organization — and also invest the time, effort, and money to demonstrate it.

Working With Arke

Since joining the team at Arke six months ago, I’ve had the opportunity to participate in both the company’s annual boat day and its annual retreat.

What I’ve learned is the company lives up to its commitment to “work hard, play hard.” It’s a place where talent and intelligence are valued, where individuality and diversity are honored, and where objectives like “fun” and “respectful” are realities, not just words on a company values chart.

If you’ve worked with Arke, as an employee or a client, then I’m not telling you anything new. But if you’re thinking of engaging with the company on any level, file this information in the “good to know” folder.

Because while lots of companies can promise you expertise, not all of them can back that up with a culture that drives results, engagement, and passion. Take a look for yourself.