Retailers need to do a better job promoting their in-store experiences to incentivize multichannel shoppers and lure customers into stores. Better brand experience could keep customers from abandoning brick-and-mortar stores.

That’s the bottom line from a new report by L2 Digital, a business intelligence firm specializing in digital brand benchmarking.

Lure Customers Into Stores

The report suggests customers are willing to travel to physical stores for events, personal shopping, and exclusive discounts.

But retailers need to do a better job promoting their in-store experiences and opportunities to lure customers away from their screens and into physical stores.

Too Little Digital Promotion

Even big box and department store brands that have widely adopted customer experiences are doing little to promote them on their digital platforms, the report explains.

  • Less than 40 percent of brands offering in-store pickup promote it in their site header
  • Only 18 percent of brands offer discounts for customers who opt for in­store pickup
  • Half of brands that advertise in-store events do not allow customers to register online, missing a great opportunity for data capture

Today, Macy’s, Walmart, Walgreens, Michael’s, Nordstrom, and REI are among the few effectively using digital to lure customers into stores, the report states.

“Digital has changed the role of stores, but they remain vital assets for fulfillment and customer experience,” the report states.

“With the help of investments like omnichannel app features and targeted emails about in-store sales and events, brands can keep their physical stores relevant among digital shoppers.”

What Should Brands Do?

L2 offers three suggestions to improve brand experience.

  1. Remind shoppers they can pick up products in-store, offer incentives for them to do so, and optimize app offerings to support in-store shopping.
  2. Promote in-store events and services on the brand site. Customers often begin research online and can be drawn into physical locations with signups for in-store services.
  3. Invest in digital display advertising that promotes store events. Use email marketing to promote store sales, remind customers about orders, and follow up with them after they visit.

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Embrace Brand Experience

All of this confirms what the team at Arke so fully believes; namely, the best customer experience just isn’t enough anymore. Today you have to think more broadly and boldly about everyone who interacts with your company on all touchpoints, physical and digital.

At Arke, this holistic approach is the foundation of brand experience excellence. As Chris Spears, Arke co-founder and Chief Marketing Technology Officer, explained, your digital presence has to complement and amplify your physical channels. You want to create smooth, seamless, and engaging journeys — across the board.

Brand experience is a more complete, complex concept than customer experience. Rather than focus on isolated touchpoints or interactions, brand experience prioritizes the end-to-end journey.

Brand experience tracks and maps both online and offline interactions. It considers a person’s interactions with your brand as well your competitors. And it focuses on a bigger vision of the overall impact your brand has on the people associated with it.

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