Thank you.

On this last working day of the year, there’s nothing more important the Arke team would like to say to everyone who has touched our company this year.

Because of your trust, support, and confidence, Arke has successfully advanced its mission of better brand experience in 2017. Now it’s poised for even greater success in the year ahead.

A Bit About Brand Experience

Brand experience invites you to look at the big picture to evaluate experience in all of its contexts, as well as to assess the impact it has on every person affiliated with your brand.

Supported by the customer journey, physical and digital channels, and strategically important technology, it sets the priority as the quality of a user’s experience.

With brand experience, you have to think holistically.

Brand experience elevates the customer experience, and our clients trust us more and more to deliver on this bigger vision.

At Arke, we believe it’s not just about customer experience or digital experience. It’s about the entire end-to-end experience.

The Arke Team Is Growing

At our annual employee retreat this year, my co-founder, Eric Stoll, talked about his pride in growing both our vision and the number of people on the Arke team to deliver it. “We’re putting a lot of people to work and growing,” he said.

Our team includes marketers, technologists, creatives, designers, writers, coders, architects, data geeks, and business strategists, all focused on a customer-first mission to create experiences like those we’d like to have for ourselves. Simply, we understand because we walk in your shoes.

Big Things Ahead

Collectively and collaboratively, we’ve created an impressive body of work in 2017. We’ve grown our own business significantly, and we’ve worked side-by-side with our clients to help them grow their businesses, too.

We’ve deepened our relationships with our trusted partners. And we continually work to give back to the community by sharing our insights, ideas, and strategies.

As we close the year we’d like to extend our gratitude to our entire Arke family. That includes employees, clients, partners, vendors, friends, associates, and so many more.

We invite you to stay with us in the year ahead to share ideas and discuss strategies. Most importantly, we’ll work together to build better brand experiences. We have big things planned, including our third annual CX Summit on April 18.

Happy New Year, from the entire Arke team!