Sometime over the next 10 days, you’re likely to have a chance to breathe again. You might even have the amazing opportunity to relax and read some interesting stuff.

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But one way or another, let’s hope you find some time to clear your head. That way, you can catch up on a few of the things you may have missed.

At the risk of being presumptuous, some of the best things you’ve yet to sample are right here at Arke.

With that thought in mind, here’s a collection of some of our most popular articles of 2017.

We invite you to relax and look around. Savor the prospects of happier customers, better brand experience, and more meaningful technology investments.

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Brand Experience Basics

The signs of better brand experience are all around you. Photo by Austin Chan

How Arke Is Working to Build Better Brands: Arke is growing. And we’re not just building our business. We’re building our clients’ business, too. There’s a lot of satisfaction in all that.

4 Secrets to Happy Customers and Better Brand Experience: Too often, we forget to walk in our customer’s shoes — or, as Brian Solis says, “See the world through our consumers’ eyes (and smartphones).”

From the Hell Hole to Better Brand Experiences: A Weird Personal Journey: Simply providing brand experiences, even unforgettable ones, won’t guarantee happy customers. Sometimes it just leaves them queasy.

3 Elements of Excellent Experience: Your Marketing Essentials: There’s a substantial disconnect between the promise of excellent experiences and the capabilities of companies to deliver them to their customers.

Personalization Essentials

names on construction paper

Getting Personal in the Age of Experience: Your Key to Better CX: While many organizations claim to value personalized customer experience, far fewer engage in it in a consistent, measurable and scalable way.

How to Get Started With Personalization: An ARKE Guide: It’s easy to implement simple personalization and jump-start your efforts. At ARKE, many of our clients leverage Sitecore, a leading digital experience provider.

Stop Procrastinating About Personalized Marketing – And Do Something: Personalized marketing celebrates the uniqueness of each individual. It’s so targeted it looks as if it had been handcrafted by a personal friend.

How to Maximize the Lifetime Value of Your Customers: Customers today are constantly looking for experiences that make them feel unique. And that raises the important issue of personalization.

Retail Insights

Retailers need to redefine their customer relationships. Photo by Mike Petrucci

7 Things Retailers Need to Do Now to Survive in 2018: Retailers need to commit to simple, efficient, customer-focused strategies. Here are seven ideas to consider, culled from leading analyst firms.

Retailers Aren’t Doing Enough to Lure Customers to Stores: Retailers need to do a better job promoting their in-store experiences and opportunities to incentivize multichannel shoppers.

Reimagining Retail: Why Experience Is the Key to Survival: What shoppers want from brick-and-mortar retailers are feelings of inclusiveness and conviviality … a sense they are welcome in the stores.

Homogenous Retail: Drowning Deeper in a Sea of Sameness: Too often, retail stores in shopping areas, strip centers, and indoor malls are notable primarily for their uniformity of brands, pricing, and experiences.

Better Channel Execution

Channels are the pillars of your brand experience. Photo by Zoltan Tasi

The USPS Now Delivers to Your Inbox, Blurring Physical, Digital Lines: The USPS is adding digital features to your mail. If the second oldest US federal agency recognizes the necessity to embrace digital, shouldn’t you?

17 Ways to Offer Better Phone Support for Happier Customers: Phone support is a source of endless customer complaints. Here are 17 ways to improve your brand experience when conducting business over the phone.

Salesforce: Marketers Should Use AI, More MarTech to Reach Customers: According to the latest Salesforce State of Marketing, customers expect consistent, personalized experiences — and their loyalty is on the line.

Digital Consumer Behaviors Are Driving Holiday 2017 Retail Sales: Digitally empowered consumers are creating new paths to purchase this holiday season — and multichannel shoppers spend more than online-only shoppers.

Mastering Journey Mapping

Create customer journey maps to gain deeper insights. Photo by Allef Vinicius

Now Is the Time to Embrace Customer Journey Mapping: More and more companies not only recognize the need to better understand their customers but are also willing to invest time and effort to do so.

How to Create Customer Journey Maps and Improve Brand Experience: Interest in customer journey mapping is growing, but marketers continue to express varying degrees of trepidation about creating them.

One Customer Journey Map Is Just Like Another – Really: All organizations share similar sets of customer journeys. That means lessons learned creating one customer journey map can be extrapolated to another.

Technical Implementation Excellence

Think about Sitecore and Coveo much? Arke does. Photo by Nick Herasimenka

Sitecore Secrets: A CMS Is Only as Good as Its Implementation: Sitecore is an excellent content management platform. But companies need to maximize the value of their Sitecore investments through proper implementation.

What Your Enterprise Software Sales Rep Really Wants to Know: Customers expect enterprise software sales reps to immediately answer their specific questions. But that’s not how a good sales rep operates.

Great Minds Don’t Think Alike: They Think About Sitecore and Coveo: At Arke, we’re always learning and sharing what we know. Here are insights from several members of our team: Martin English, Neil Killen, and Andy Uzick.

Sitecore Data Exchange Framework: What You Need to Know: Sitecore Data Exchange Framework enables you to transfer data in and out of Sitecore. It is also an ETL tool, which stands for extract, transform, and load.