At Arke, everything we do is about helping marketers think more strategically about technology.

We pride ourselves on being constant learners. And because we recognize the complexities of marketing technology, we also enjoy giving back by sharing our knowledge.

That’s exactly what several members of the Arke team — Martin English, Neil Killen, and Andy Uzick — did recently.

Think the xConnect Files

‎English, a solutions architect, developer, and trainer, is also one of Arke‘s Sitecore Practice Directors. He’s been taking deep dives into Sitecore Version 9 since it was released at Sitecore Symposium in Las Vegas in October.

He explored Sitecore xConnect in a blog post on Working with Contacts and the xConnect Client API.

“As I started exploring xConnect in XP 9, one of the questions I asked myself was how the change in the xDB contact and interaction model architecture would affect my existing Sitecore xDB implementations if we decided to upgrade,” he wrote.

The post focuses on contact identification and contacts within Sitecore, and what you need to know when you start working with the xConnect Client API.

Think Sitecore and Contacts

Killen, a Sitecore consultant and seasoned developer, explained how to migrate your Sitecore 8.x MongoDB contacts to xConnect. The blog post focuses on the Sitecore Data Exchange Framework 2.0, which lets you read from a MongoDB (source system) and write to the xConnect server (target system).

“The xDB migration Tool provides a preconfigured mapping of data from the MongoDB database to the xConnect server in the form of a DEF Tenant,” he wrote.

The tool includes two data migration processes:

  • MongoDB Contacts to xConnect Contacts — Reads contact data and related device and interaction data from a MongoDB database and writes it to xConnect
  • MongoDB Reference Data to xDB — Reads geo IP and location data from a MongoDB database and writes it to xConnect

Killen explained the nuances of the Sitecore Data Exchange Framework in an earlier post. If you’re not familiar with this framework, read the blog post to catch up.

Think Coveo Partner Insights

Uzick, another Arke Sitecore Practice Director, shared a video interview he recorded at Coveo Impact in San Francisco last summer.

Uzick was in the first class of Sitecore Technology MVPs and has the longest standing MVP recognition in North America. “I like to say I’m the oldest MVP and its true either way you care to take that,” he said.

Coveo and Sitecore have close ties.

Sitecore combines web content management, marketing automation, email marketing, social media, ecommerce, optimization, and analytics into a single, unified platform. Arke is a Sitecore Platinum Implementation Partners.

Coveo aims to make Sitecore sites more responsive, proactive, and relevant for visitors. Its cloud-based, self-learning site search app works with all Sitecore websites, including Sitecore Commerce sites.

“Coveo gives the customer an out of the box, ready to roll, ramp it up quick, fast time to value solution for site search. And it goes so far beyond that the customer winds up getting a lot of value that they didn’t even know they were buying when they originally selected Coveo,” Uzick said.

He says a lot more in his four-minute interview. Do yourself a favor and take a look.