How can organizations take their customer experience (CX) to the next level — and build a solid foundation for better brand experience?

That’s will be one of the key questions addressed at Arke’s 3rd Annual CX Summit. An exclusive, invitation-only event for clients and partners, the conference will be held April 18 at The Buckhead Club in Atlanta.

Like last year, the event is expected to attract dozens of industry professionals in search of strategic insight and actionable ideas about the rapidly evolving CX arena.

The summit will feature a series of high impact sessions and roundtable discussions, as well as notable speakers. Michael Lage, senior manager of digital experience at Chick-fil-AMo Bunnell, president of the Bunnell Idea Group; and Sabrina Sexton, director of digital marketing at Stanley Black & Decker are already on the agenda.

From left, Michael Lage, Mo Bunnell, and Sabrina Sexton

From left, Michael Lage, Mo Bunnell, and Sabrina Sexton

Grappling With the CX Gap

In the past 10 years, interest in CX has grown steadily. But it’s proven more aspirational than practical, as anyone who has purchased a product or service can attest. There’s still a gap between good customer experience and what most customers regularly receive.

Forrester defines customer experience as “how customers perceive their interactions with your company.” Good experiences are useful (deliver value), usable (make it easy to find and engage with the value) and enjoyable (emotionally engaging so that people want to use them).

But for all the talk about customer-centricity, few sellers of goods and services seem to believe the customer is always right. In fact, based on a number of highly publicized corporate missteps over the past year, there seems to be an assumption the customer is always wrong.

Why CX Initiatives Fail

CX, unfortunately, has been diluted by a focus on what seem like easy fixes. Many businesses launch CX programs under a misconception. They think technology alone will bring every customer goal, revenue projection, and competitive challenge into alignment.

But designing effective and memorable customer experience (CX) isn’t as easy as flipping a switch. In fact, even the best technologies fall flat without a well-reasoned strategic plan.

Without a plan — a strategic mission — companies will continue to implode from decisions removed from every measure of common sense.

Exceed Customer Expectations

The most successful customer experience leaders create experiences that meet or exceed customer expectations to drive profits.

“To succeed, you must design outstanding experiences and the ecosystem to deliver them, demonstrate the business value of customer experience as a discipline, and lead its adoption across the organization,” Forrester states.

What’s more, every company can benefit from better customer experience.

As Gartner analyst Augie Ray said, “Not every brand has an equally clear opportunity in customer experience, but no brand ever loses by improving customer satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy.”

CX Summit Supports Brand Experience

Arke is committed to helping clients enhance their customer experiences and develop more holistic brand experiences through digital transformations.

“We empower organizations to create strategies leveraging the right people, processes, marketing technologies, and data,” said Arke Co-Founder and CMTO Chris Spears.

CX is the foundation of excellent brand experience. Brand experience tracks and maps both online and offline interactions. It considers a person’s interactions with your brand as well your competitors. And it focuses on a bigger vision of the overall impact your brand has on the people associated with it.

As Spears added, “Today you have to think broadly and boldly about everyone who interacts with your company. That includes your customers, as well as your employees, partners, distributors, vendors, and all other stakeholders.”

Attendees at CX Summit will learn more about CX as well as the way it supports broader transformation initiatives.

Want to learn more about CX Summit? Email Chris Spears or Margaret Wise for information on attending as well as speaker and sponsorship opportunities.

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