In today’s customer-driven economy, businesses can no longer differentiate themselves on price alone. They need to work hard to stand out from the competition — and work even harder to create brand advocates.

Winning a new customer isn’t enough anymore.

Experience is everything,” said Arke VP of Strategy Margaret Wise. To wow customers, businesses have to provide memorable experiences — and design them to be efficient, convenient, and frictionless, she added.

Raising the Experience Bar

Margaret Wise

Margaret Wise

Wise and James Scott, general partner of SuccessHACKER, will explain how to transform customers to brand advocates during a one-hour webinar Feb. 15. Onboarding: The Missing Journey will explore:

  • Ways to operationalize your managed relationships based on the client segment and stage.
  • How to differentiate from competitors to stay a step ahead of customer expectations
  • How to provide a sustainable growth platform for the future

“Businesses have to understand the whole customer journey, and then highlight moments within that journey where they can wow their customers,” she said.

“I want attendees to think about ways to smooth the transition between the time a customer agrees to buy their product or service and the time they actually receive, consume or initially adopt that product or service.

“This webinar should get their wheels turning around ways to improve their customer experiences and do a better job for their customers or clients,” she said.

Make Better Use of MarTech

James Scott

James Scott

Scott will kick off the webinar by examining the importance of onboarding in customer success. SuccessHACKER is a San Carlos, CA-based customer success management consultancy.

Wise will explain how MarTech systems can be used more strategically, as well as linked to improve customer engagement. Businesses need to optimize their MarTech stacks to provide the best experiences. They also need to put themselves in the shoes of their prospects and customers, she added.

“It’s the best way to build empathy and deepen relationships with your customers,” she said. “Business have to know their customers — and they have to let the customers know that they know them by providing unique opportunities that turn them into brand advocates,” she said.

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