ATLANTA — When March rolls around, competition fills the air.

Every year, college basketball fans get in on the action by predicting the winners of the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament. The annual 68-team single-elimination tournament determines the men’s National Collegiate Athletic Association Division I college basketball national champion.

This year, Arke got in on the action.

March Arke Madness

Arke Madness is Atlanta-based Arke’s first in office basketball tournament. This season, Arke team members invited 250 prospects, partners, and analysts to play in a quest to find the best office desk basketball player nationwide.

The competition runs through April 5.

Arke Madness Rules

Each Arke Madness kit includes a desktop basketball globe game … as well as a stress basketball to make it easier to handle the intensity of the competition. The objective: get the ball into the basket of the globe game.

Every player uses a different strategy. Some shake the globe. Others flip the globe upside down. There is no “right” way: Each player has to discover a way to master the game.

For four Mondays through April 2, Arke challenges game participants. Who can make the best out of ten? Who can get five in a row the fastest?

The challenges end at 5 p.m. EDST each Thursday.

Selecting Winners

Each week players email pictures and videos of their best hoops, demonstrations of team spirit, and funniest shots to Others tweet them to @arke_madness.

Arke referees select a photo or video of the week. That participant wins $100 for a favorite charity. Arke also recognizes players for their participation, spirit, and other skills.

Want to play? There’s still time. Send an email to, and we’ll send you a kit ASAP.

About Arke

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